Adams County purchasing study results show errors

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By The Staff

BRIGHTON — Adams County completed a study to review current purchasing policies and procedures for compliance with recognized best practices in government purchasing. Fifteen recommendations were presented to strengthen the county’s controls and efficiencies.
    “The county is implementing the study’s recommendations, revising all purchasing policies and using technology to enhance and streamline the approval process,” said Finance Director Rich Lemke. “The new purchasing processes reduce risk of fraud and abuse and conform to best practices in government purchasing.”
    The study, conducted by Colorado Independent Consultants Network (CICN), provided a six-point plan to implement a centralized purchasing function, improve efficiencies and strengthen internal controls. Twenty-three functions within the county (including both departments and elected offices) were included in the study to gain an understanding of the strengths and challenges of the current process.
    Specifically, the audit found two purchases that were approved without the proper authority of a county employee. Additionally, more than 30 of 50 purchases selected for scrutiny did not have proper authorization.
    “All organizations have room to improve,” said John Olenberger, president of CICN. “By commissioning this study, Adams County demonstrated its commitment to continual improvement and instituting best practices in government expected by the taxpaying public.”
    The Adams County Board of Commissioners, in keeping with the commitment to change the way the county does business, selected Colorado Independent Consultants Network (CICN) to establish an internal audit process and conduct audits of the county’s operations. More information on the internal audit function is available on the Adams County website at www.adcogov.org.