BBQ with the Birds

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By John Carr

The Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory held its annual BBQ with the Birds Aug. 24 at the Old Stone House in Brighton, near Barr Lake. The organization, which was founded to help conserve birds and their habitat, has spread its influence around the world. Hundreds showed up to partake in guided bird walks, to watch volunteers band song birds, meet live raptors, and have a picnic.

The organization, which calls Brighton and Barr Lake home, was started in 1988. It is funded mostly by grants from local, state and federal governmental organizations such as the U.S. Forest Service and the Colorado Division of Wildlife. Interns and employees travel the world to monitor and report on many species of birds as they migrate around the globe.

The RMBO partnered with such organizations as the Audubon Society in its endeavor to help educate young and old on the importance of maintaining a healthy bird population in our ecosystem. The local observatory is open to group or individual tours, nearly year round. The RMBO can be reached at 303-659-4348 or at www.rmbo.org.