Commerce City police report July 1 to 6

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July 6

Aggravated robbery with a gun, 5902 Holly St.

Found property, East 104th Avenue and Tower Road

False information to a pawnbroker, 6225 E. 71st Ave.

Felony escape, 4901 Krameria St.

Robbery/threat/intimidation, 6800 E. 66th Ave.

Robberty/threat/intimidation, 5947 E. 64th Ave.

Theft, 7191 Quebec St.

Vicious or dangerous animals, 12167 Idalia St.

Found property, 9847 Olathe St.

July 5

Theft, East 112th Avenue and Potomac Street

Second-degree aggravated motor vehicle theft, 6960 Leyden St.,

Assault, 6895 Fairfax Drive

Harassment, 6210 E. 64th Place

Third-degree assault, 4850 E. 60th Ave.

Foregery of money, stamps, securities, 6302 E. 72nd Ave.,

Animal bite, 11415 Iola St.

July 4

Theft, 7030 Colo. Hwy. 2

Theft, 14700 E. 104th Ave.

Third-degree assault, 5530 E. 60th Ave.

Domestic violence, 70815 Quebec St.

July 3

Unlawful sale of hallucinogenic drugs, 6966 Dahlia St.

Animal disturbance, 11328 E. 115th Ave.

Theft, 6978 Colorado Boulevard

Theft 15310 E. 104th Ave.

Theft 6861 E. 68th Ave.

Second-degree burglary of a residence, 5510 Monaco St.

Disorderly conduct, 5230 E. 66th Way

Harassment, 11810 E. 118th Ave.

Third-degree assault, 15612 E. 96th Way

July 2

Domestic violence, 6620 Colo. Hwy 2

Domestic violence, 7020 E. 73rd Ave.

Possession of alcohol by a minor, East 106th Avenue and Belle Creek Boulevard

Theft, 7021 Poplar St.

Aggravated motor vehicle theft, 12340 E. 104th Ave.

Identity theft – using a financial device to obtain a thing of value, 5665 Olive St.

Third-degree assault, 8131 Pontiac St.

Third-degree assault, 7200 Quebec Parkway

Fireworks complaint 11730 E. 118th Ave.

July 1

Third-degree burglary – theft from a locker, 6060 Parkway Drive

Third-degree criminal trespass, 6610 Monaco St.

Defacing public property, 3200 Interstate 270 eastbound