District 27J launches new biannual publication

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By Crystal Nelson

BRIGHTON — A new publication has been launched to keep the community updated on the happenings of School District 27J.

The District 27J Educator will feature stories from across the district to inform and entertain students, parents and the community.


District spokesman Kevin Denke said the district used to have the 27J Communicator but when the district spokesperson position was eliminated with the budget cuts in 2010, the publications were discontinued as well. 

Because the district didn’t have any publications when the PIO position was reinstated, Denke started by adding a semi-monthly E-newsletter The Compass last year. He said The District 27 Educator is the next step, and that he’s excited about the new publication. 

“I think it’s a great publication that’s going to help get our message out there and also highlight our great  students and staff,” he said. 

The publication contains articles printed in both English and Spanish, with translation provided 27J officials. 

“We were excited about that, how we could present it in English and Spanish in one publication,” he said. “That’s reflective of our district, not only in our diversity and languages but also that we’re all one at the same time.”

Denke said The District 27J Educator will be published in the fall and in the spring. He said the publication has already gone out to parents and will be located in strategically placed spots in the community, such as the library, soon. 

An online version is available in PDF form on the district’s website, www.sd27j.org, on the Communications page link under the ‘Inside 27J’ heading.