Janich ‘full of hot air’

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    It is nice to see that Tom Janich’s facts are as full of hot air as was his letter to the editor in your last edition. When he writes he must be either deceitful or has been in a time capsule for a long period of time. What is true is that he is being dishonest to scare voters away from the truth.
    Case in point. Fact No. 1. Teachers in the school district have had their paychecks frozen for the past two years. The school district also has a furlough day in place this year. So, in fact, salaries have been reduced.
    Fact No. 2. If Mr. Janich’s point about reduction in pay for teachers would come to take place, highly qualified teachers would leave for better paying positions in other school districts. Then what would be the scenario? Additional resources would be needed to fund the cost of turnover.
    Fact No. 3. Mr. Janich also stated that the school year for teachers is nine months. Get your facts straight, Mr. Janich. Teachers must report back one week earlier than students and have to work several days past the last day of school. So that means their summer break is not 12 weeks but 10.
    During the school year, teachers’ average workweek is between 60 to 65 hours per week. Let’s do the math, Mr. Janich. Say a normal working class person works 40 hours a week and 52 weeks a year. That means they work 2,080 hours. A school teacher works 60 hours a week times 42 weeks – that is 2,520 hours a year.
    So tell me, Mr. Janich. Where do you see that school teachers only work nine months?
    Fact No. 4. Let’s look at this point. The city of Brighton, led by Mr. Dick McLean, is trying to attract companies to relocate and expand here in Brighton. What kind of selling point does he have when we are the lowest-funded school district? Companies want to move here because Brighton children are the highest educated, not the lowest.
    Wouldn’t that be great if an up-and-coming company wants to move to Brighton because of a well-balanced city plan? That has to include education. Your plan says no.
    Fact No. 5. There was no cost-of-living increase this year. Enough said.
    Fact No. 6. The school board. If you think you can be effective at it, why is your name not on this year’s current ballot? The good citizens of Brighton vote for the board of education. They have done a good job.
    Lastly, Mr. Janich, I am Republican and proud of it. You may say you are a Republican, but you are not. Move to a country where you can fully express your wrongful ideas. Let’s see how far you get for your slanderous lies.
    If you want the truth about the mill levy override, visit www.parentsandcommunityfor27j.shutterfly.com. Vote yes on the mill levy override, ballot issue 3D.
Joseph A. Samson