Metro North Chamber Supports tax exemption for aerospace industry

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WESTMINSTER — The Metro North Chamber of Commerce announced Feb. 5 it voted through its Business & Government Affairs Committee to support a bill in the Colorado Legislature that would provide tax exemptions for the aerospace industry.

House Bill 1178, sponsored by Rep. Mark Ferrandino (D-Denver) and Sen. Mary Hodge (D-Brighton), creates a sales and use tax exemption on qualified property used in space flight. In supporting the bill, the BGA Committee noted that aerospace is one of Colorado’s most important industries.

The Committee agreed that Colorado should support these kinds of efforts to make the state more attractive to aerospace businesses.

The BGA Committee also voted to oppose HB 1154, sponsored by Rep. Randy Fischer (D-Ft. Collins) and Sen. John Kefalas (D-Ft. Collins), which would require community colleges to maintain just one salary/compensation schedule for all professors, including those considered part-time.