Platte Valley Medical Center becomes first Colorado hospital to offer Medtronic Reavl LINQ monitor

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By Crystal Nelson

BRIGHTON — Platte Valley Medical Center is the first hospital in Colorado to provide patients with one of the smallest wireless heart monitors available.

On Feb. 24, the hospital started offering the the Medtronic Reveal LINQ Insertable Cardiac Monitor to patients who experience symptoms that may suggest cardiac arrhythmia. 


“This is most beneficial for people who pass out, have palpitations or who have stroke and we don’t know where the stroke is coming from, so this will help diagnose all of those three things,” Qaisar Khan M.D. FACC with High Plains Heart and Vascular Center said. 

According to Khan, the LINQ ICM offers continuous monitoring for three years and is able to pick up problems better than an external cardiac monitor. He said the monitor is customizable for each patient and provides him with instant wireless data such as a patients heart rate, their highest and lowest heart rates and any changes in the heart’s rhythm. 

According to a PVMC news release, the LINQ ICM also transmits patients cardiac diagnostic data remotely to their physician from nearly any location in the world through the Carelink Network. Through the Carelink Network, physicians are alerted if their patients have cardiac events.

Khan said this procedure will help diagnose a lot of his patients undiagnosed problems and that many of them will feel like they’re getting their life back. He said it also gives him confidence as a doctor and that he is able to be 100 percent sure of a diagnosis. 

The procedure takes about 10 minutes and the LINQ ICM is implanted under the skin through a small incision less than 1 centimeter in the upper left side of the chest.