School District 27J honors its 2013-14 retirees

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Group has 543 years of combined experience and service to district

By The Staff

BRIGHTON— School District 27J recently recognized its 2013-14 retirees during its annual retirement dinner.

This year’s 29 retirees share 543 years of combined service to the district and an average of 18 years of individual service. Each retiree was recognized with a speech from a district supervisor or co-worker and presented a special gift by 27J Board of Education members.

School District 27J thanks all of the following retirees for their service and the impact they made:

— Alfred Navarro, custodian, Vikan Middle School, 15 years

— Allyn Yamamoto, teacher, Thimmig Elementary, 39 years

— Ann Godfrey, student information manager, School District 27J, 20 years

— Anna Vasquez, custodian, Brighton High School, 6 years

— Bill Andrews, teacher, Northeast Elementary, 30 years

— Caroline Wahlborg, human resources specialist, School District 27J, 10 years

— Deborah Dinges, secretary to director, School District 27J, 34 years

— Donna Singer, teacher, Overland Trail Middle School, 29 years

— Frank E. Sandoval, custodian, Vikan Middle School, 38 years

— Geraldine Knutson, teacher, Northeast Elementary, 19 years

— Glenda Friedly, instructional paraprofessional, Northeast Elementary, 20 years

— Hortencia Sarabia, custodian, North Elementary, 20 years

— Janice Weinholdt, nurse, School District 27J, 16 years

— Joy Shaughnessy, instructional paraprofessional, Southeast Elementary, 6 years

— Kathleen Kelly, teacher, Pennock Elementary, 30 years

— Kathleen Secrist, kitchen manager, Prairie View High School, 15 years

— Keith Metz, instructional paraprofessional, Northeast Elementary, 16 years

— Lisa Asmussen, teacher, Southeast Elementary, 15 years

— Lorraine Baum, teacher, Stuart Middle School, 2 years

— Marcia Cammack, teacher, Henderson Elementary, 11 years

— Mary Stadler, instructional technology technician, Pennock Elementary, 12 years

— Matthew L. Sims, Sr., bus driver, School District 27J, 9 years

— Nancy McLean, teacher, Pennock Elementary, 11 years

— Nathalie Pawlak, teacher, Prairie View High School, 15 years

— Rachel Ramirez, teacher, North Elementary, 21 years

— Roberta Taylor, special education instructional paraprofessional, Henderson Elementary, 27 years

— Susan Hendrick, teacher, Overland Trail Middle School, 28 years

— Sherry Shurtleff, special education paraprofessional, Prairie View High School, 9 years

— Unna Trunkenbolz, teacher, South Elementary, 20 years