• Jumping for joy: Jump rope team takes district by storm

     BRIGHTON — “Here you go, birthday kids,” yelled West Ridge Elementary School physical education teacher Brett Brakel across the school’s gym. Twenty-one kids quickly form a circle in the middle of the gym and begin to jump rope in unison as the Beatles sing, “You say it’s your birthday,” at practice for the school district’s jump rope team, the Jumpcats, last week.

  • Hanson PreK-8 School honors involved parents

        COMMERCE CITY — Hanson PreK-8 School, an Adams 14 elementary and middle school, hosted a recognition ceremony Jan. 7 for 13 parents who completed a six-hour workshop series that teaches parents about the importance of their participation in making a lasting impact on their child’s education.

  • Education briefs

    Adams 14

    Education Foundation

    grants more than $12,000 to district’s teachers

  • New year's wishes from 27J

    Rod Blunck

    My resolution would be that we seek to ensure that we are a school district that continues to produce quality results and that we continue to be a quality employer in the face of tumultuous times ahead.


    Joan Kniss

    Every child in the district will read a book that becomes a life-long favorite and part of their family memories.


    Will Pierce

  • A change forthcoming in standard tests

    DENVER – In two years, the state’s standardized tests for third- through 10th-graders will be a piece of the state’s educational history.

        Instead, the state will tell students to focus on up to a half-dozen ideas and prove that they can relate the information to the real world.

        District 27J board member Joan Kniss is pleased.

  • Classroom of the Week

        *Mrs. Prieto’s class decided they wanted to do their part to help others this holiday season. “The kids were reading a Scholastic News article about kids who help and they wanted to do something to help others, too,” Prieto said.

  • Two graduate from Brighton Heritage Academy
  • A Light Bulb Moment
  • Into the World

    Seventeen-year-old Karen Colato said visiting Washington, D.C., as part of the Roads Scholar program at Lester Arnold High School, was much more to her and her fellow student travelers than simply a vacation.

        “In a way we’re making history,” she said. “We’re such a small school district, and we work really hard when they give us opportunities like this here. We want to let other generations know that we are the Roads Scholars. If we work together we can accomplish these goals.”

  • Classroom of the Week

    *Ms. Chan has 24 students in her a.m. kindergarten class, as well as 24 students in her p.m. kindergarten class; parent volunteers assist in her classroom nearly every day. 

    *This is Chan’s first year teaching at Second Creek. Ms. Chan grew up in Chicago and attended college in Milwaukee. She taught for two years previously at an American International school in China where she taught students from countries around the world including Japan, Germany, Denmark, Canada and Laos.