• Letter: Maybe victory won't be imaginary for 27J in 2016

    Imagine it is November 2016, and election results have claimed victory for a bond action to aid in financing quality education structures within the bounds of School District 27J.

    I don’t have to imagine 27J students walking along Bridge Street in Brighton campaigning openly for relief in their miserably overcrowded schools in November 2014.

  • LETTER: Stan Martin for clerk and recorder


    I recently attended Stan Martin’s campaign announcement/kick-off. Stan is running for Adams County Clerk and Recorder. During this event, I learned Stan is a third-generation Adams County native born in Brighton, graduate of CSU, small-business owner with over 23 years corporate management, business and customer service experience.

  • LETTER: Giving thanks to the kindness of a stranger


    I would like to share an incredible act of kindness that occurred last month.

    I am a special-education teacher with Brighton School District 27J. This year I have been assigned to work with the students ages 18 to 21 at the Transitional Learning Center. It is a program for special education students — usually those with significant needs — to assist them in transitioning from high school to adulthood.

  • LETTER: Mary Ellen Pollock for county commissioner


    It is with pleasure that I recommend Mary Ellen Pollock for Adams County commissioner.

    I have known Mary Ellen for over 20 years and have always considered her to be a valuable member of our community. She is always willing to help and is quick to donate personally to worthy causes. She has always been easily accessible to all members of the community and has developed a true sense of what is important to Adams County residents.

  • LETTER: Wilma Rose for Adams County Commissioner


    We are interested in a more positive and creative approach in Adams County and feel Wilma Rose, candidate for Adams County Commissioner, is the right person for the job. Wilma Rose, from Brighton, is trying to improve the image of Adams County with a unique approach to campaigning and leading.

  • LETTER: Pro-Keystone editorial misleading


    The guest editorial on the Keystone XL pipeline is way off base.

  • LETTER: School overcrowding a serious issue in Brighton


    Isn’t it a concern for anyone that our schools are filled to the maximum or over? Why are new schools not being built to alleviate the congestion? More and more houses keep popping up bringing more people to Brighton making schools dangerously over-crowded! The high school is populated so that my son can’t see in between people in the hallways. Isn’t being packed like sardines a hazard and risk everyone should worry about? God forbid a fire happens! There would likely be injuries and/or death from the stampeding!

  • Letter: Recall the Adams County Commissioners


    I would like to see a recall of all three Adams County Commissioners. The work they do is putting the future of the county and all of us citizens at risk.

    They have shut down small businesses at a whim, saying it is for the good of the people. They are taxing us into oblivion, calling them fees to skirt the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. If we continue on this course we are doomed.

  • LETTER: Adams County, home of the rain tax


    Stormwater utility “tax” or “fee”? The Adams County commissioners claim it is a fee, but I say it is a tax.

    Either way, the commissioners are charging for the rain that falls on roofs and driveways in unincorporated Adams County. This is the same rain that homeowners cannot collect because, by law, it belongs to someone else.

  • LETTER: Still no vote, yet more taxes


    In a few short days, 27,500 property owners in unincorporated Adams County will be getting hit with round two of the controversial storm water tax.  A burdensome tax we were denied the opportunity to vote on. 

    Only this time, it will bill separate from our property taxes, so be prepared to write Uncle Sam Adams yet another check from your hard-earned savings or Social Security income.