• Petrocco for 27J board

        As both a senior citizen and a parent with two children in Brighton schools, I have had the opportunity to work with Donna Petrocco through the Brighton Boys & Girls Club and other community activities.
        Donna brings not only a compassion for all children in the community but a strong business ethic to maximize the financial needs of 27J.
        In these tough times we need someone with her compassion and business strength on the 27J board.
    Don Thompson

  • Trend makes her vote yes on mill levy override

        I am a business owner in Brighton, and I want to tell you why I am voting yes on the mill levy override. I have numerous professional contacts in Brighton as well as our neighboring communities. During our discussions, I have begun to notice a concerning trend.

  • Vote for our future

        In response to Alan Hale’s article regarding the property tax increase, I would comment that Brighton is hardly a hotbed of “urban sprawl,” but it did experience its first notable growth after building the reverse osmosis plant that removed the unsafe high nitrate level in Brighton’s water and combined with the city’s close proximity to Denver International Airport.

  • Where are the small businesses?

        As your front-page story in your latest publication states, Reunion has been  abuzz with the erection of the new King Soopers being built on the corner of Chambers and 104th Avenue.
        No doubt, it will be nice to have the convenience of a  grocery store at our doorsteps, yet I can’t help but feel like our neighborhood is growing and morphing into what every other suburb looks  like—cookie cutter.

  • Inadequate voter?

        As I read the letters, both pro and con, regarding the 27J mill levy override, I couldn’t help feeling inadequate regarding my inferior knowledge of the subject compared to a person who is just another parent. I figured it must be because he is a doctor and intellectually superior that he would be so well informed on all the facts revealed in his letter.

  • Janich ‘full of hot air’

        It is nice to see that Tom Janich’s facts are as full of hot air as was his letter to the editor in your last edition. When he writes he must be either deceitful or has been in a time capsule for a long period of time. What is true is that he is being dishonest to scare voters away from the truth.

  • Petrocco for 27J board

        Compassion, integrity, dedication, honesty and commitment are but a few of the personal qualities Donna O’Dell Petrocco would bring to the 27J board of education as a director.
        A lifelong resident of Brighton, Ms. Petrocco is a shining example of what a graduate of Brighton’s schools can achieve in life. She is committed to bringing quality education to our schools and ultimately ensuring our children are prepared to meet the challenges of the future.

  • Board thanks community for supplies

        On behalf of School District 27J, I would like to thank the many community members who donated to various school supply drives throughout the area. The school supplies are now being used by students throughout the school district.

  • Petrocco is the choice for school board

        In this letter I would like to extend my support for Donna Petrocco in her run for the board of education. As a previous member of the board, I know what is needed and expected from an individual, and she is the person I choose to represent my child.
        She is a visionary, visible in the community and reliable. She will contribute fairly and honestly and will continue these behaviors as a member of the board of education.

  • Cat deserved better

        To the person who dumped the little, black cat in Country Hills (subdivision) you signed his death sentence.
        Several of us fed him, and I tried to capture him so that I could find a home for him. But he only wanted to go back and would come to people’s doors and cry and cry. 
        Well, he was run over on 144th Avenue.