Today's Opinions

  • Deflocking Christmas

    There’s a new flap over Christmas decorations each year.

    Last year, Denver tried to keep religious floats out of the Parade of Lights. Big controversy. It all ended ugly with Mayor John Hickenlooper admitting, “He didn’t know Jesus but he hoped he could count on a DNC contribution for him.”

    This year, it’s the city of Golden where the local rabbi suggested he wanted to put a menorah by the city’s 800-foot tall Christmas tree in honor of Hanukah.

  • I’m Barack Obama and so are you

    I was flipping through the channels Sunday when my 2-year-old-daughter screamed out, “Rock Obama.”

    It was actually former Denver Bronco Shannon Sharpe.

    Could have been worse. It could have been George Jefferson.

    Or Webster.

    We haven’t really gotten into explaining our differences as humans to my daughter yet. For our own sake, she’s probably reaching that age. I don’t want to be meeting President Obama every time we go to the grocery store or a movie or Chuck E. Cheese.