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  • Dear Editor,


  • Dear Editor,


    On Election Day, we seen another example of Robin Hood in reverse, all because elected officials for decades — starting with Jefferson County in the ‘70s, Douglas County in the ‘80s, and now 27J School District — have failed to make growth pay its way in order to benefit the special interest with big money to fund their elections. 

  • Dear Editor,


    Voters in the School District 27J community showed strong support for Initiative 3C on their November 2015 ballot, making a $248 million bond a reality.

    As an active community member, member of many of School District 27J’s community partnership committees, president of the South Elementary School PTA, and co-founder of IAM27J.org, I am truly grateful that our community came together on such an important matter.

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    We now live in a post-Paris world. And the question, after the unspeakable horror of the attacks, is just what that means.

    It must be obvious to anyone paying attention that ISIS is hoping not just for a strong reaction, but for an overreaction. That’s why the ISIS brand of terror is nearly always terror at its most intentionally provocative.

  • The Center for Rural Affairs has worked to support and assist beginning farmers and ranchers for over 25 years. And increasingly, beginning farmer and rancher inquiries come from military veterans. They have the same needs as other new farmers: access to land, financing and information. But they also bring new issues: disabilities, returning to civilian life, a drive to help fellow veterans, a powerful sense of wanting to be of service to their country.

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    The sales push behind Washington’s latest “free-trade” agreement amounts to Kabuki theater.

    What’s Kabuki? It’s a 17th-century form of Japanese drama, featuring elaborate sets and costuming, rhythmic dialogue, and stylized acting and dancing. That pretty much sums up the White House’s production of the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

  •  Mike Coffman

    U.S. Representative (R-6th)

    President Obama wants to bring terrorists incarcerated at Guantanamo Bay to Colorado. This is outrageous, and I’ll do everything I can to stop it.

  • Dear Editor,

    Tom Janich is wrong when he says people should vote against 3C because, he claims, School District 27J, is wasteful, and building new schools is not necessary.