Adams City HS grad wins 100th game as PVHS softball boss

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By Steve Smith

DENVER --Adams City High School alum and former Adams City coach Mark Gonzales won his 100th game as Prairie View's softball coach last week.

"It's just that I'm getting old," he laughed. "It was a milestone that was acknowledged, and I appreciate that. I can't do it without a good staff and good players."

Gonzales, who has been the T-Hawks coach for seven seasons, started coaching when he was 13.

"Being 42 now, that seems like forever ago, right?," he said. "From my first game, I always thought I belonged on a field somewhere. My playing career was cut short because I have a metal pin in my left hip. I knew that was going to be short-lived. I knew I had to commit to being the best coach each and every day for kids."

Gonzales also coaches the PVHS baseball team. Before coming to Prairie View, he was the softball coach for two seasons at Fort Lupton High School.

"Everybody says, 'Which do you like better? The boys or the girls?'" he said. "In the fall, the girls say you like the boys better than girls. In the spring, the boys say, 'You know you like us more than you like the girls.' To me, the only difference is the girls have to know why you're doing it. The boys have to look good doing it. We've been OK there.

"It doesn't matter," Gonzales continued. "I love them all. It's just a matter of giving back. I want to be a positive influence on young lives."

Like a lot of coaches, Gonzales takes bits and pieces of his former coaches with him.

"Without a doubt," he said. "One of my high-school coaches is one of my assistants, going on 15 years. A player I coached at Adams City is one of my assistants. It's definitely been a tradition. I've had several mentors. What I took from camps or coaches I've molded everything I thought was right and continued to educate myself every year to stay up.

"As you know, you're blessed to be anywhere. And to be blessed with the parents, the players, the adman (administration) I have is a blessing. And to hit 100 (wins)? That's awesome," Gonzales concluded.