Anythink Libraries take marketing to the next level in Reunion

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By Belen Ward

By Belen Ward

Staff writer

Anythink Libraries celebrated 10 years of serving its communities by going door to door in Reunion to thank the residents for being part of library and introducing new services.

Twenty-four Anythink library staff members volunteered July 24 to pair up into a buddy system. The members stopped at numerous houses, sharing information about the early literacy program, the backyard concert series, and new farmers markets that they are hosting at two of their branches.

The volunteers also shared news with the community that a new library may be potentially coming to Reunion.

“There has been almost 100,000 people who have moved to Adams County in the past 10 years. We have a lot of new folks. Not a lot of them may not be familiar with their public library. So our goals are to go out where people live and share the incredible resources we have that are available at the library,” said Stacie Ledden, director of innovative and brands and strategy for Anythink library. “Who is better to do that than our staff? They are so passionate, creative and connected with our community. This is a unique way for us to spread the word about the library and connect with our community.”

The farmers markets are held on Tuesday mornings from 9 am-1 pm at Anythink Huron Street and on Thursdays at 3-6:30 pm at Anythink Wright Farms. They both run weekly through October at the Anythink Wright Farms at 5877 E. 120th Ave. 

The Anythink library concert series will be Friday, Aug. 9, at Anythink Wright Farms from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

“We are currently working with Oakwood Homes for a potential library in Reunion Town Center which will be at 106th Avenue and Tower Road. To move forward on this project, the library would need additional funding,” said Ledden. 

Staff stopped at the residence of Greg Trushel, who was exciting about the news of a potential library coming to Reunion.

“Yes, we should have a library a lot closer to us. But it is nice to have a library where it is now,” said Trushel.

Roy Wilson was leaving his home to walk his dog. The staff stopped him to inform him of the library services.

“ It would cool to have a library in the neighborhood. We go to the Commerce City library. Maybe we’d use it more if it was closer to us,” Wilson said.