Cup's summer plans better than recent history

I don't know about you. But I'd rather muse about the Stanley Cup and what's in its future this summer than dredge up thoughts about the planned riots in Vancouver after the Canucks lost the Cup the other night.

The Stanley Cup is the only trophy that travels with the players between seasons. The team gets 100 days during the offseason to pass the Cup around. That includes the championship parade, days with sponsors and a day or so per player. And, as you might imagine, the Cup has seen its share of interesting sights and been subjected to a lot of, er, um, interesting things.

It's been up and down elevators. It's been to Niagara Falls. Players have taken it out of the country, for rides on the back of limousines to scheduled appearances in shopping malls. Some players used it to baptize their kids. Some let their dogs use it as the dog dish. Name the beverage (champagne was the mandated drink of choice once upon a time), and there's a chance someone has poured it into the open mouth atop the Cup.

Use it as a cereal bowl? Yes indeed. Someone from the Chicago Black Hawks did that last summer -- ate a bowl of Fruit Loops doused in milk.

It'd be fun to hear what the Boston Bruins will do with their 100 days with the Cup -- infinitely more so than what the dolts in Vancouver did because they didn't win the Cup.