Ex-PVHS football player gets another chance

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By Steve Smith

 It’s been three years since for Prairie View High School football player Kierre Huey-Cazenave played.

 That’s about to change.

 Huey-Cazenave signed a letter of intent to play at North American University in Stafford, Texas.

 “I chose NAU because I’ve tried out for many other teams and been looked over each time,” he said. “They talked to me like they actually wanted me to be a part of their program. It’s a fairly new system, so I think it’ll be pretty cool to leave my legacy with a new program.”

 Huey-Cazenave saw something else, too.

 “There were some doubts in my mind going into the tryout, being there was a lot of talent on the field,” he said. “But I just went and did what I know best.”

 Huey-Cazenave didn’t think his layoff from football would hurt him.

 “It’s been three years since I’ve seen the playing field,” he said. “I’m not worried at all because I believe in my preparation ability, and playing football is like riding a bike for me. You never forget how.”

 In 2016, Huey-Cazenave completed 44 passes for 336 yards and four touchdowns. He also ran for 359 yards.

 “I didn’t have any schools looking at me, so I was looking at them,” he said. “It’s a little nerve racking trying to wrap my head around the fact I’m getting another chance to play, but I know I will be ready. I wouldn’t call it promoting myself. I just went out and did what I do best.”