LETTER: Disillusioned, disgusted by stormwater handling

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At the first meeting of the Adams County stormwater task force held May 22, we heard from Commissioner Chaz Tedesco, where he told us that the commissioners wanted to get our input to better fund the stormwater issue and would seriously consider our recommendations.

At the June 12 task force meeting, Todd Leopold, then-deputy county administrator, re-iterated that the commissioners wanted to revisit the whole funding, maintenance and Capital Improvement Project (CIP) area. They wanted to hear from everyone on the task force regarding the adequacy of the program, even if it meant eliminating the current program and fees.

The most-notable briefings were from Nathan Moore, of the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment, and Greg Davis, from Region 8 of the Environmental Protection Agency. Their briefings confirmed that what the previous and current commissioners’ contractor, AMEC, said was untrue: No county in Colorado has or was being fined by the EPA.

The uproar by citizens manifested in a huge overflow attendance at the March 11, 2013, public hearing of the county commissioners. It was there that a resolution to create the citizen task force was offered by Commissioner Tedesco, which was voted on and approved by all three commissioners.

The task force met and diligently did their job and provided five recommendations to the commissioners. For what?

In creating the task force last May, 22 people gave their time and gas money to faithfully do their civic duty for the county. We showed up every two weeks for three-plus hours each time and listened, learned and respected all the people who came in to educate us to make a good and honest decision on an important issue. To have these commissioners summarily disregard everything we did and recommend is an affront to everyone involved on the task force. Why did we waste our time?

Many people felt this task force was created solely to pacify the public, knowing full well they had no intention of listening to anyone with a brain. As Commissioner Eva Henry stated last March at the BOCC hearing, “We won’t remove it, we need the money,” in referring to the fees.

It appears this is the county’s mode of operation when they don’t really want to hear from its citizens.

Steven Cheresnick

Stormwater task force member