LETTER: Giving thanks to the kindness of a stranger

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I would like to share an incredible act of kindness that occurred last month.

I am a special-education teacher with Brighton School District 27J. This year I have been assigned to work with the students ages 18 to 21 at the Transitional Learning Center. It is a program for special education students — usually those with significant needs — to assist them in transitioning from high school to adulthood.

Our program consists of two major components: Daily Independent Living Skills and, when appropriate, Vocational Skills. The program is designed to assist these students to be as independent as possible as adults.

Recently I was in King Soopers with two of our students and providing a lesson in grocery shopping. We were discussing how to properly check a carton of eggs. As I finished the lesson and was walking toward our next item, a very kind man approached and said, “Thank you so much for working with these kids.” He then handed me a $100 bill. I was so shocked that I forgot to ask his name.

So, to the kind gentleman who was so very generous, thank you! You have no idea how this will help provide services for students. With tight budgets every year, this will assist tremendously with supplies, especially with our budget for cooking. It is refreshing to see that there are individuals who value all citizens of the community. What a wonderful way to end our school year.


Bryan Brown