Letter: Recall the Adams County Commissioners

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I would like to see a recall of all three Adams County Commissioners. The work they do is putting the future of the county and all of us citizens at risk.

They have shut down small businesses at a whim, saying it is for the good of the people. They are taxing us into oblivion, calling them fees to skirt the Taxpayer Bill of Rights. If we continue on this course we are doomed.

My ancestors in New England had the same problems back in the 1700s. Do we have to stay this course? Hell no. I say fight! The pen is mightier than the sword.

So be warned, my three commissioners, we will see you all at the ballot boxes very soon — maybe even do away with your salaries and retirement for misconduct. What is integrity? Look it up, for you have little if any from what I see.

Bob Hanson, Henderson