LETTER: School overcrowding a serious issue in Brighton

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Isn’t it a concern for anyone that our schools are filled to the maximum or over? Why are new schools not being built to alleviate the congestion? More and more houses keep popping up bringing more people to Brighton making schools dangerously over-crowded! The high school is populated so that my son can’t see in between people in the hallways. Isn’t being packed like sardines a hazard and risk everyone should worry about? God forbid a fire happens! There would likely be injuries and/or death from the stampeding!

Not only do the kids not get more individual attention, but tension seems to be building between students from being packed together. My boys come home almost everyday saying there was a fight in school — boys punching on the field and hallways, girls slamming each other’s faces into cafeteria tables. My youngest son is constantly being picked on and now hit, and when he defends himself, he’s suspended. It seems like teachers either don’t care about behavior and don’t even contact parents when things occur, as was my case, or don’t have a choice but to sweep things under the rug because there’s no alternative. 

The former being sad excuses for teachers, the latter just being sad.

Yvonne Fisher