LETTER: Stan Martin for clerk and recorder

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I recently attended Stan Martin’s campaign announcement/kick-off. Stan is running for Adams County Clerk and Recorder. During this event, I learned Stan is a third-generation Adams County native born in Brighton, graduate of CSU, small-business owner with over 23 years corporate management, business and customer service experience.

I appreciate Stan’s vision for Adams County.  He laid out a plan that places ‘Citizens First’ with focus on county government committing to adhering to the code of ethics.  Something the citizens of this county have long deserved.

What I most enjoyed was Stan opening up his heart and talking about his commitment and dedication to his family.

After too many years of Adams County being in the spotlight for scandals and corruption, it is reassuring to have a candidate that is experienced, principled, non-partisan, family oriented and is in it for the right reasons.

The citizens of Adams County would be wise to support Stan for Clerk and Recorder.

Kathryn Lawrence