LETTER: Still no vote, yet more taxes

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In a few short days, 27,500 property owners in unincorporated Adams County will be getting hit with round two of the controversial storm water tax.  A burdensome tax we were denied the opportunity to vote on. 

Only this time, it will bill separate from our property taxes, so be prepared to write Uncle Sam Adams yet another check from your hard-earned savings or Social Security income.

Let us not forget, many of our neighbors and local businesses already struggle to make ends meet, to provide food for their families, to make the mortgage payment, to pay down debt, and the list goes on.  

Taking additional money from our pockets and extracting over $2 million annually from our local economy is bad policy.  

Our two commissioners in favor of continuing this burdensome tax (Eva Henry and Chaz Tedesco) must ask themselves, are we willing to file liens on properties and evict those who simply cannot afford to pay this additional tax?

Obviously the answer is yes.

Fortunately, a group of concerned citizens has formed a grassroots organization and we are desperately fighting to defend our constitutional rights.  Will you please log onto our website, educate yourself regarding these illegal taxes, sign up for our newsletter and help defend our citizen rights.  We are looking forward to our day in court.  A trial has been set for August.

We believe a government too powerful and willing to take our money without first asking permission, is a government that disregards its citizens.

Stan Martin

Adams County