LETTER: Wilma Rose for Adams County Commissioner

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We are interested in a more positive and creative approach in Adams County and feel Wilma Rose, candidate for Adams County Commissioner, is the right person for the job. Wilma Rose, from Brighton, is trying to improve the image of Adams County with a unique approach to campaigning and leading.

County leaders obviously need to continue to focus on economic development, infrastructure improvement and increasing job opportunities, and this is also important to Wilma. However, during her eight years on City Council in Brighton, Wilma initiated art enhancement and beautification of Brighton through the creation of the “Eye for Art Committee,” the Brighton Blooming Buddies Garden Club and she was the first city councilwoman on the newly formed Brighton Legacy Foundation. Under her leadership, the Brighton legacy Board organized several creative fundraising activities to support many non-profit organizations in Brighton. Wilma Rose would like to increase this type of creative and supportive activities at the county level to improve the quality of life for all Adams County residents.

Area artists were so impressed with Wilma’s efforts to support the arts in Brighton that they donated more than 20 original pieces of art to her campaign at a fundraising event at Main Street Galleries last month in Brighton. Subsequently, at a “Business, Arts and Politics” fundraising event this month she was able to auction off all of the items to supporters. This was a very unique campaign strategy that added a real “touch of class” to her campaign events and raised much-needed funds.

Wilma Rose is a creative thinker and has an amazing ability to get others to work with her on projects that serve the community in a positive and constructive manner. Wilma not only wants to improve the image but she wants to use innovative leadership to tackle major problems facing the county, such as high unemployment in the younger generations and working with learning institutions to increase the training opportunities for young adults in Adams County.

Adams County citizens deserve to have a quality County Commissioner like Wilma. With a wonderful reputation as an educator, elected official, mother and activist, Wilma will help move Adams County into a more positive, creative and progressive direction. Please join us in supporting Wilma Rose for Adams County Commissioner.


The Committee to Elect Wilma Rose for Adams County Commissioner: Dave Rose, Mary Hodge, Kathy Wardle, Laura Huerta, Teresa Jacobs, Nina Ramser and Laurie Maier