Local reaction is positive to wrestling's Olympic return

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By Steve Smith

The International Olympic Committee’s decision to return wrestling to the Games seems to be a hit locally.

With its return comes some gimmicks to make it more appealing, including music, mixed martial arts moves and colored mats.

“It’s just great,” said Fort Lupton’s Dakota Macy. “Many wrestlers can actually have a future in what they love to do. All these other athletes have a chance to go pro, where to wrestling you just have college. Wrestlers have prayed, petitioned, and even fundraised for this beautiful sport. I’m glad that its back.”

Wrestling has been part of the Summer Olympics since its introduction in 708 B.C. The IOC’s decision means wrestling continues in the Olympics until at least 2024.

“I love that it is back as well,” said Prairie View’s RJ Ramirez. “The fact that people tried to take out the original sport of the Olympics was outrageous. By them listening to what the people had to say with all the petitions and out roars, putting it back in the Olympics was the right thing to do. 

“Just like football is a dream for me, wrestling is a dream for some other kid out there,” Ramirez said. “You can’t take that away and I’m glad it is back.”

Wrestling beat out squash and baseball/softball for the last spot in the Games.

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