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Agilent plans new Frederick plant

MetroWest Report

Agilent Technologies Inc. plans to build a new pharmaceutical manufacturing plant and hire up to 200 people in Frederick, after recently buying 20 acres of land there, the company said in a press statement.

The Santa Clara, California,-based company plans to  make nucleic acid ingredients, similar to those made at the company’s plant in Boulder. Such ingredients may hold the potential to treat various forms of cancer, diabetes, muscular dystrophy and other disorders, according to the statement.

The new plant is expected to create a positive ripple effect through the local economy, “pumping revenue into everything from restaurants to housing,” Tony Carey, mayor of Frederick, said in the statement.

It’s a “huge win” for Frederick, Weld County and northern Colorado, said Mike Freeman, chair of the board of Weld County Commissioners.

The publicly traded company posted $4.04 billion in revenue in fiscal year 2015 and has about 12,000 employees at offices worldwide.