Pavement maintenance program begins in the city

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MetroWest reports

Commerce City started its annual pavement maintenance program. A statement said it includes a series of maintenance activities slated for completion in the fall. City staffers said the goal of the pavement maintenance program is to improve driving conditions and extend pavement life citywide

“The program makes needed road repairs in different areas of the city each year based on the Pavement Condition Index,” the statement said. “The Pavement Condition Index is a rating system used to determine the relative condition of a street segment. The city will perform two types of maintenance activities based upon the PCI. One activity is slurry seal, which is applied to streets with a higher PCI to help extend pavement life The other activity is known as “mill and overlay,” which is used on streets with a lower PCI that need more extensive maintenance to extend pavement life.”

Officials said notices will go out to residents and businesses of impacted areas by letter and/or door hanger before work begins in those areas. Drivers should expect to encounter periodic lane closures, traffic shifts and occasional delays during construction. Partial and full street closures are possible on street segments.

Most of this year’s slurry seal work takes place in and around the River Run, Villages at Buffalo Run West, and Fronterra neighborhoods. Nearly all residential streets in the River Run and Villages at Buffalo Run West neighborhoods along with East 100th Avenue and Laredo Drive in Fronterra are scheduled to be treated with “slurry seal” over the next two months, officials said in a statement.

“This process involves laying a new surface layer of liquid asphalt and finely crushed gravel over the existing pavement,” the statement said. “The work typically requires short-term street closures where residents will be asked to move all vehicles off the street and avoid using their driveways for no more than one day.

Many roads in the Irondale and core city area will receive mill and overlay repairs on segments of streets as part of the larger Core City and Irondale Infrastructure Improvement Project. The mill and overlay method includes removing and replacing pavement with a new layer of fresh asphalt, according to officials. This process typically involves lane closures, areas of rough pavement and lower speed limits, but rarely calls for street closures.

Some of the targeted areas for mill and overlay work are:

Dahlia Street to Magnolia Street, East 56th to East 60th avenues

Kearney Street to Quebec Street, Interstate 270 to East 56th Avenue

Colorado Boulevard, East 72nd to East 74th avenues

Glencoe Street to Holly Street, East 64th to East 66th avenues

Vasquez Boulevard to Kearney Street, East 60th to East 64th avenues

Irondale Area:

East 81st Avenue, Rosemary Street to Syracuse Street

East 83rd Avenue, Quebec Street to Rosemary Street

East 84th Avenue, Pontiac Street to Syracuse Street

East 86th Avenue, just east of Quebec Street

East 87th Avenue, Tamarac Street to Ulster Street

Pontiac Street: just south of East 81st Avenue and East 82nd Place to East 84th Avenue

Tamarac St., East 87th to East 88th Avenue

Valentia Street, East 85th to East 86th Avenue

East 96th Avenue, west of Chambers Road to east of Moline Street

Call 303-289-8118.