Prairie View’s Alonzo Ramirez gets a lot out of trip to Australia

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By Steve Smith

For Prairie View’s Alonzo Ramirez, it wasn’t just a summer basketball trip someplace. He spent almost two weeks in Australia. And according to a post on his Facebook page, it was a “once-in-a-lifetime journey.”


“My team did alright, not that great,” he said. “But we weren’t the worst. Individually, I played some good basketball. I scored double-digit points in almost every game except for about two.” 

Ramirez thinks there will be an advantage to his trip when PVHS starts basketball practice in November.

“This will help me with my upcoming season because I figured out what I need to get better on individually to make me a better player this year,” he said.

It wasn’t all basketball all the time for the Prairie View senior.

“I learned how they drove on opposite sides of the road,” he said. “I learned that our American money had a higher value out there.”

Ramirez and his teammates had four free days each week.

“We were able to go to the wildlife sanctuary to see koalas and kangaroos,” he said. “We had a free day to do activities of our choice, such as whale watching, deep-sea fishing, rain forest tours. We chose to go to an amusement park and had a good time there. Other than that, we spent a lot of time hanging out with the new people we met.

“The best part about my trip was meeting new people around the U.S.” 


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