Thimmig bakes up support for Parker Sanchez

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By Crystal Nelson

HENDERSON — After their classmate and friend Parker Sanchez had been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma, Thimmig Elementary third-graders Brittanie Pick and Camryn Carroll decided they wanted to do something special for him. 



Pick said that when she heard Sanchez was sick, she felt really bad for him and thought she should do a charity for him. She told her dad Lucas that she wanted to do something and they came up with the idea for a bake sale. 

When Pick told Carroll she wanted to hold a bake sale, Carroll wanted to do everything she could to help make it a success. She started printing posters and wrote a script so they could do announcements at the school to promote the bake sale.

The bake sale came together over the course of two weeks and on May 16, the entire school came together to support Sanchez. Pick said she feels “really happy and glad” she was able to do this for Sanchez. Carroll was also really happy to be able to help Sanchez because he’s one of her best friends.

“I’m glad to help him through all of these hard times that he’s having,” she said. “He’s very funny and he’s a big role model so we didn’t always have that role model and we miss him in class.”.

Sanchez was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma on April 9, which his mom Marci Herrera explains is a cancer of the lymph nodes. He has undergone his first round of treatment and although Sanchez is in remission, he has to go through four more treatments. Sanchez says it’s because they want to make sure the cancer cells aren’t “playing possum.” Both Herrera and Sanchez are optimistic of the treatment because its said to be over 93 percent curable. 

While receiving treatment, Sanchez has missed a lot of school. May 16 was his third visit back to the school and he was happy to see his friends and the bake sale they arranged for him.

“I’m really grateful for what they’re doing for me because you have to have a true friend to do something like this and to me, my whole class is my true friend,” he said.