Tornadoes wreak havoc across Adams County

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BRIGHTON — The official start of summer was marred with heavy winds and tornadoes across much of the northern edges of the Denver metro area, including a tornado that touched down east of Brighton Saturday, June 21.


About 3 p.m. June 21 along the 29800 block of East 167th Place, one of five confirmed tornadoes in the area touched down and caused damage to structures and vehicles in the Hayesmount Ridge Estates neighborhood.

Among those affected were the Canaday family, who had roofing materials and other property strewn by the tornado winds up to a quarter-mile away from their home.

Despite at least one building collapse and a number of broken windows in the area, there were no reported injuries.

In addition to the tornadoes that touched down in the Hudson, Bennett and Watkins areas, other parts of the Denver metro area reported heavy amounts of rain and, in some cases, hail around the time of the Adams County tornadoes.