Two schools -- six letter of intent signings

There was a time when the suburbs of Denver thought they did themselves proud when one or two athletes signed national letters of intent.

So imagine what this area must feel like today when six of its athletes signed on the line to play football for the colleges of their choice -- even if it's a day late because of harsh weather.

There were some comments this morning at one ceremony about a certain rivalry that exists between Brighton and Prairie View high schools. And that's fine -- that's what rivalries are about. But if that's tossed aside -- as it should be on a day like this -- everyone should take a certain amount of pride in the accomplishments of Josiah Cannon, Joe Jackson, Ronell McNeal, Dominique Mathews, Jarred Thompson and Trask Green, regardless of what color you might bleed and regardless of which school you might think is better.

They are good athletes. They are good kids. They will become good adults.

And the last time I checked, that's one of the benefits of a good high school sports program.

This area seems to have two of those.