Wagon Wheel keeps Detour Derby up and skating as roller sport’s popularity continues to rise

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Narelle Crist

Sports correspondent


With its heyday firmly planted in the 1970s and 80s and a couple of decades thereafter of lessened popularity, roller derby has seen a resurgence in the past few years.

With more than 1,000 roller derby leagues worldwide, Colorado has become home to several: The Denver Roller Dolls, Rocky Mountain Rollergirls, Boulder County Bombers, Wreckin’ Roller Rebels, South Side Derby Dames, High City Derby Divas, Slaughterhouse Derby Girl, Pikes Peak Derby Dames and Rollin Bones. All are represented by league members at Brighton’s very own Detour Derby.


In February 2011, Detour Derby was created “for retired skaters or those returning from injury,” according to Teresa “TC” Mueller, one of the league’s founders.

With such great success right out of the gate, Detour quickly became a place where all skaters — active, retired or injured — could drop in and participate in scrimmages with a diverse group of ladies (and a few men, as well).

“We respect that leagues have more rules and practice requirements — they skate on a much higher level, and it is serious business. At Detour, we relax it quite a bit; skaters can arrive late, leave early, sit out of drills and opt in or out during jams,” Mueller said.

Detour Derby has grown thanks in part to the work founders TC and Wendi “Lil Bit Disturbed” Powers put into the organization. Detour not only helps out its own in the derby world, but it also hosts numerous fundraiser bouts for those in need throughout the year.

Most recently, Detour organized a breast cancer fundraiser for two survivors as well as “Skate for Gavyn,” from which proceeds went to the Wilkens family, whose son was paralyzed in a car accident last year.

Skaters of all levels are welcome at Detour Derby, including newbies. Several skaters with little to no experience begin with Detour, quickly moving on to larger leagues after gaining some basic skills. According to Mueller, Detour “gives[s] them the opportunity to try it out and learn the basics before moving on to a league.”

After taking a month off during the holidays, Detour Derby began the 2014 season Jan. 5. The team practices nearly every Sunday from 8 to 10 a.m. at the Wagon Wheel Skate Center, 14501 Brighton Road. There is a $5 drop-in fee to help cover the costs of renting out the Wagon Wheel. 

Everyone is welcome to come down and watch or participate. Equipment is also available to borrow for those that are just starting out. Anyone of any skating level is welcome (including children).


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