• Commerce City starts chamber

    New chamber of commerce organizer Michael Scanlon has lived and worked in Commerce City since 2009.

    He said he chose the city, and especially the Reunion neighborhood, over anywhere else in the region.

    But until now, Scanlon said he hasn’t been able to be part of a chamber of commerce, since the city hasn’t had its own.

  • Denver Machine celebrates 100th year

    Denver Machine celebrates 100 years in business

    Commerce City-based business Denver Machine celebrated its 100th anniversary with an open house Aug. 19.

  • Rural reality

    Joe Petrocco stands at the edge of one of his vegetable fields south of Brighton.

    He holds a shovel upside-down, just above the neck of the blade, with a pop bottle rocket notched into the other end of the wooden handle. He lights the fuse, holds out his arm and with a hiss and a puff of smoke, the firecracker launches out above the crops. It explodes with a sharp crack, scaring off a cluster of blackbirds nestled in the field. 

    “This isn’t what I do every day,” Petrocco said, smiling.

  • Nexus at DIA announces new tenant

    By Kevin M. Smith

    Special to MetroWest Newspapers

    The Nexus at DIA development is ready to take off.

    McLane Foodservice Inc. announced recently that it would build a 250,000-square-foot facility just northwest of Pena Boulevard and Tower Road in the Nexus at DIA development, adjacent to Denver International Airport.

  • Senior apartments developer waits for tax credits

    MetroWest Report

    Seniors would pay $350 to $640 per month to live at the rent-restricted Rose Hill Senior Villas, planned for an acre of land near East 62nd Avenue and Monaco Street.

  • Art planned for new recreation center

    MetroWest Report

    A sculpture may some day hang from the ceiling of a new recreation center going up at East 112th Avenue and Potomac Street.

  • More jobs in the region?

    MetroWest Report

    Agilent Technologies Inc. plans to build a new pharmaceutical manufacturing plant and hire up to 200 people in Frederick, after recently buying 20 acres of land there, the company said in a press statement.

  • Minimum wage could go up in November

    Hundreds of people in the region could see raises if voters approve a minimum wage increase on the November ballot.

    While no specific statistics are available for Weld and Adams County, about 22,000 workers make minimum wage in Colorado of the estimated 1.24 million workers who make an hourly wage in the state, according to federal Bureau of Labor statistics. Colorado employs about 2.7 million workers in total.

  • Lauer-Krauts celebrates 10 years

    MetroWest Report

    For Christmas in 1995, Robin Trujillo’s dad Bob Lauer made six jars of his “Lauer-Kraut” homemade sauerkraut and packaged it up for an annual family gift exchange.

  • Are you kitten me?

    Is your pet having a particularly “ruff” day?

    If so, don't worry, now there's a place where Spot and Fluffy can find respite in Commerce City.

    On July 5, Pets R Us Animal Hospital, based in Aurora, opened at 10290 Idalia St., in the Reunion metro district.

    Dr. Manal Soliman is the owner of the clinic. She said that already she has seen a lot of emergencies.