• Adams 14 School District hosts “literacy night”

    Reading to a child for just 20 minutes will expose them to 1.8 million words a year and increase their vocabulary significantly, officials say. 

    So parents should create a daily routine around reading and read to children in their native language - two of the tips that Jesse Martinez, community engagement officer with School District Adams 14, gave to parents who attended Kemp Elementary School’s “literacy night” Tuesday, Jan. 10. 

  • Abrego focuses on changes at Adams 14

    Adams 14 superintendent Javier Abrego is a man on a mission.

    The new superintendent of the Adams 14 school district plans to focus on a number of new programs to lift the school district out of the last five years of poor test scores and ratings. The district now faces state sanctions because of low ratings.

    Adams 14 officials received notice last week that the state would not alter school ratings enough to remove the district from "turnaround" status, which is a rating below what's acceptable by the state.

  • New principal named at Henderson Elementary

    Henderson Elementary has a new principal.

    Natalie Rooney, a veteran school administrator, has been hired to lead the school, according to a School District 27J news release.

    “We’re excited to welcome Natalie to our district and have her experience and leadership at Henderson Elementary,” said Chris Fiedler, 27J superintendent.

  • Adams 14 schools could face state sanctions

    The Adams 14 School District could face state sanctions, after test results and other rating criteria did not rise high enough in the last five years to get off of a state watch list.

    School district officials recently appealed preliminary state ratings, but were turned down. 

  • Felten named 1st Reunion Elementary School principal

    School district officials recently named David Felten the first principal of Reunion Elementary School, which is planned to open in August at 11021 Landmark Drive in Commerce City.

    Felten has spent the last nine years as the principal of Henderson Elementary School, according to Kevin Denke, a spokesman for School District 27J.

  • Three finalists for Adams City HS job

     Officials at Adams County School District 14 are searching for a new principal to lead Adams City High School.

    Officials have narrowed the search to three candidates. The high school’s assistant principal Caroll Duran is in the running for the job, as is Jennifer Abeyta-Cifuentes, who is an administrator at Prairie View High School in School District 27J. Mark Roberts, the principal at Aurora Central High School, also is a candidate.

  • Help name Adams City High School pool

    MetroWest Report

    Have your say about whether or not a new Adams City High School swimming pool should be named in memory of Joe Sisneros, a long-time teacher and swimming coach who passed away last year.

    The Adams 14 Facilities Naming Committee has scheduled two meetings to ask residents what they think the new swimming pool should be named. 

  • Adams 14 school board fills vacant seat

    The Adams 14 Board of Education has filled its vacant seat.

    The board met Tuesday, Oct. 18, in a special meeting to interview and select a new board member to fill an unexpired term. Ultimately Joseph Dreiling was named the successful candidate for the 7,500-student district located in Commerce City.

    Dreiling will serve until the next regular school election in November 2017, at which point he could run for a full term.

  • Adams 14 looks to raise state ratings

    The Adams 14 School District wants state education officials to consider its new and better test scores at some schools and remove it from a state watch list.

    The district is in its fifth year below required standardized state test score averages. However, new district superintendent Javier Abrego said he is confident that the district’s new test scores will be enough to warrant a higher rating.

  • Clown threat is a hoax, say PVHS officials

    Prairie View High School has not received any clown threats, even though rumors spread on social media may have indicated otherwise, according to a school district spokesman.