• COLUMN: One day, we will colonize Mars and grow crops

    I had the opportunity to participate in a class at Aims Community College, EGG 151 Introduction to Experimental Design in Engineering. It’s a class is sponsored by NASA.

       In the class, professor Lee McMains wrote a list of processes to grow crops in Martian soil.

    We walked over to lab to view the experiment of growing bush seeds in three different types of soil.

  • COLUMN: How to talk to teens about vaping

    Dear Ask A Therapist, 

    How do I talk to my teens about vaping? I have told them it is not allowed in our family. It seems to be quite popular, and I want them to know the risks of habits like this in relation to mental health and just overall well-being.

     Dear reader:

  • COLUMN: 4-H youths get the chance to learn a lifetime of skills

    I was raised in a small town, then lived in the city for more than 40 years. I did not know about the 4-H clubs.

    This past week, I was covering stories about the youths who are in Weld and Adams county’s 4-H clubs. I visited the youths preparing projects for their respective county fair competitions.

    The programs are expansive beyond agricultural. The youths learn about cooking, baking, sewing, creating posters, becoming reporters and building rockets, not to mention, breeding and showing animals and learning animal science.

  • COLUMN: What I’ve learned as a reporter

    At this time of year, school-aged kids are often encouraged to reflect on the experiences they’ve had over the past year and what they’ve learned from them. What is mentioned less often is that if one remains present in their work, anyone in any profession can and will continue to learn new things – about themselves, their chosen area of work and the world around them. 

  • COLUMN: A dose of a reporter’s own medicine


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    It’s been a while since anyone thought of turning the professional tables on reporters.

    We are the ones trained to ask the questions, get the answers, disseminate the information and do so accurately and fairly.

  • COLUMN: Empower kids, teens to maximize their potential

     It’s amazing what kids are capable of when they’re firing on all cylinders. Have you ever considered that? 

  • COLUMN: Dave DeSoto to the rescue – sort of

     We’ve been friends for a long time. So it’s time to share an odd secret about the media.

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    Some of the people you hear on the radio aren’t using their real name.

  • COLUMN: Only you can prevent dangerous selfies

     We all love selfies. But sometimes, they can go terribly wrong when you take it to the extreme resulting in injury or death. 

    For example, one of the latest near-death experiences involved a woman, 30,who  jumped into the home of a jaguar at an Arizona zoo to take a selfie with the large cat.  She suffered non-threatening injuries, and I am glad the jaguar was not put down.  She also thought the zoo should put better warning signs in front of the animal pens.

  • COLUMN: Dispelling common reporting myths

     Do you believe everything you read in the Commerce City Sentinel-Express? I only ask because it seems like the general public has less familiarity with the journalism profession now than at any other time in recent memory. A recent poll conducted by the Columbia Journalism Review found that Americans  have less confidence in journalists than they do in any single branch of the government. 

  • COLUMN: A morning moment with Barr Lake’s finest

     On a recent morning, I was travelling Tower Road to 128th Avenue near Barr Lake on my way into work when I saw the most beautiful scene: a herd of mule and white tail deer.