• REVIEW: A perfect racing movie, except for the racing

    You shouldn’t be in the mood to forgive a movie about Formula 1 racers that doesn’t absolutely nail the scenes of Formula 1 racers winding their way around the track in their bombs on wheels.
        But that may be the only issue with director Ron Howard’s “Rush,” an exploration of the famous feud between British Formula 1 superstar James Hunt (Chris Hemsworth, “Thor”) and Austrian racing wunderkind Niki Lauda (Daniel Brühl, “Inglorious Basterds”).

  • REVIEW: 'Cloudy' sequel cooks up just enough laughs

    When it comes to animated sequels, you either go big or you go home.
        The folks over at Universal Pictures figured that out earlier this year when they debuted a Minions-heavy “Despicable Me” sequel and greenlit a Minions-centric sequel for the near future.
        So when it comes to Sony Pictures Animation following suit with “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2,” it means taking the extreme gastronomic creations and making them even more comedic and kid friendly.

  • COLUMN: Tell Denver you don’t want their pot in your community

    Diane Carlson
    Guest Column

    If you live near Denver, whether or not you live or work within its city limits, you should care about how Denver implements recreational marijuana sales permitted by Amendment 64.
        It’s expected that Denver will be the epicenter of recreational marijuana sales in Colorado, with half or more of all sales statewide. Like pot smoke wafting through the air, the impacts of Denver’s recreational marijuana sales will spread across the entire metro area.

  • COLUMN: How do we overcome our numbness?

    By Kathryn Cassibry

    The flag positioned at half-mast was the only indication that anything had happened at all.
        American University was lush with early-autumn excitement and the quad was full of beginning-of-the-semester, carefree energy.
        There were no panicked email alerts, no worried conversations, and no stressed faces.

  • COLUMN: A fracking disaster

    Jim Hightower

  • COLUMN: When it comes to political in-fighting, something's always cookin' for the GOP

    I know I didn’t make many friends a few weeks back when I talked about the brouhaha that became a full-fledged scandal over state Sen. Vicki Marble’s racial stereotype comments and the supposed “silent protest” by state Rep. Lori Saine.

    Just picture me at home on a Friday night while everyone else is at the gun range or cheering the Obama-masked clown at the rodeo.

    But don’t let that get you down. I somehow sustain myself on the near-constant stream of silly stories the Centennial State’s Grand Old Party creates.

  • FasTracks: Moving forward in the North Metro Region

    By RTD Directors Larry Hoy and Paul Solano

    The Regional Transportation District (RTD) continues to reach milestones and move forward with building the FasTracks program sooner rather than later — including in the northern suburbs.

  • Jacobson: U.S. cannot allow sarin gas into the wrong hands

     Saturday, the media joyfully reported that the U.S. and Russia reached an agreement on a plan to rid Syria of chemical weapons. 

    Note that this story of good news does not include anyone from Syria. Nor does it specifically refer to “nerve gas,” such as sarin gas.

  • We must not be the world’s policeman

    Sheldon Richman
    Guest Column

    Even if everything Secretary of State John Kerry says about chemical weapons in Syria were true, the evidence would prove only that Bashar al-Assad committed crimes against civilians.
        It would not prove that the U.S. government has either the moral or legal authority to commit acts of war.

  • Labels all wrong in abortion debate

    Al Jacobson