• Legislature needs to step in, fix court’s failure

        To be honest, I was shocked.
        In the inglorious history of eminent domain abuses on behalf of private companies, the Colorado Supreme Court inadvertently and irresponsibly struck a blow for private property owners’ rights May 21.

  • To those who gave all

        As we approach Memorial Day, lots of us will see signs and posters saying, “All gave some, some gave all.” I often say, with pride, that I am one of those who gave some. And, I say with humility that I could not be here to say that if it were not for the men and women who have given all.

  • Clear rules for pot shops helps city go green

        As the policy pendulum swings against medical marijuana dispensaries in other nearby communities, Commerce City has a prime opportunity to capitalize on the industry after the current moratorium expires July 1.
        City Council worked on crafting new rules for medicinal pot sales at its May 21 meeting. The best way forward is a clear and sensible method for would-be business owners to receive permits so the city can start to enjoy sales tax revenues that instead funnel into Denver’s coffers.

  • Role models shouldn’t be chosen by gender

        Recently it was announced that there is program in place to compile a list of influential women in the history of Colorado.

  • Reyes’ exit from Assessor’s Office is long overdue

        We’ve reappraised the usefulness of Adams County Assessor Gil Reyes.
         The scandal surrounding his Majestic Realty case has been taxing enough for the area’s image without taking into account the myriad other misconduct and fraud cases that have plagued county government and taxpayers.

  • A new face, a new place — but an old mission

        The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  • E-Verify Un-Likely

        In apparent opposition to anti-immigration legislation gaining steam in some parts of the country, growers in Colorado are bucking attempts by the government officials to identify illegal aliens in the workforce.

  • Goodbye, friends

        We hate to say goodbye to our co-workers and our friends. We know at some point we have to. But it’s not fun. So you can imagine what it’s like this week when we will say goodbye to a pair of our friends and co-workers within the span of a couple of days.
        Education writer Emily Dougherty leaves us after about a year on the education beat and a couple of years doing part-time work for the paper. We appreciate all her hard work and dedication.

  • A sort-of goodbye

        I’m not a big fan of goodbyes.
        Given the chance, I’d rather sneak out a back door and avoid the fuss.
        I’ve been told this isn’t one of those times and maybe a little something more formal is in order.
        So here goes.
        I came to these papers in late 2002 as a green, fresh-out-of college reporter ready to change the world one byline at a time.

  • Rush to Judgment

        Last month’s shooting of Trayvon Martin in Sanford, Fla. has me angry, but not for the reasons you might expect, or those thrust upon us all by the media at large.