• Seeing red with enforcement cameras

        Despite evidence questioning their effectiveness in promoting safety, red light cameras are apparently here to stay in Colorado, thanks to a vote by the state’s Senate Transportation Committee.

  • Our own worst enemies

        I think there’s some irony in the hydraulic fracturing debate going on in Commerce City.
        For those not keeping tabs on this issue, residents have voiced their concerns over what chemicals are being pumped into the ground as part of the hydraulic fracturing process and the impact those chemicals may have on the environment, especially groundwater.

  • Divorce delay bill still has merit

        Ah, the agony of a weekly newspaper.
        Stories often come to life and die all in the bookends of a week.
        That was certainly the case for one state legislator’s controversial bill that would have institute a so-called “cooling-off” period for parents considering divorce.

  • Take this phone away before somebody gets hurt

        The first key to getting help is admitting you have a problem.
        So, last week’s’ recommendation from the National Transportation Safety Board of an all-out ban on the use of mobile devices in cars is a really good place to start.
        I’m Kevin and I’m addicted to using my cell phone in my car.

  • Elephants on parade

        One year to go until the 2012 presidential elections, and the GOP seems to be as flummoxed as ever on pulling together a candidate base capable of taking on President Barack Obama next November. This, despite a flagging economy, a pair of decade-old wars and general malaise tossed like a wet blanket over most of the political landscape

  • Metro Wastewater handled land acquisition properly

        The Metro Wastewater Reclamation District recently paid for 84 families and businesses to relocate in order to make way for the district’s new $470 million dollar wastewater treatment plant in Brighton.
        MWRD District Manager Catherine Gerali was quoted as being pleased that the city was able to help all parties move to new homes—including a colony of feral cats that now occupies a new space at the Brighton Animal Shelter.  We’re pleased, too.

  • Mouse-to-house resuscitation

        After what I presume to be my last trip to visit Uncle Mickey in the land of the mouse, I’ve finally figured out exactly what Pixie Dust is: cash, and lots of it. Sprinkle it around liberally at Disneyworld, and dreams really do come true. If your dreams are limited to overstuffing yourself, riding through It’s a Small World and purchasing themed T-shirts that make you look, well, Goofy.

  • Tebow’s rise touches faith community

        I’m pretty brave to write about Tim Tebow after Sunday’s atrocious game against Detroit.
        Tebow may be a man of faith but let’s just be glad Daniel fared a little better in the lion’s den.
        Still Tebow has captured my imagination as apparently he has for many of you. Last week’s Tebow craze was Tebowing.

  • English teachers have a tough job

        The e-mail says these gems are taken from actual high school essays and collected by English teachers across the country for their own amusement.
        Here’s hoping these authors don’t line up for my job.
        Although on closer examination, they sound like stuff that finds its way onto ESPN “SportsCenter.”
        Here goes.
        “Her face was a perfect oval, like a circle that had its two sides gently compressed by a ThighMaster.

  • 27J mill levy increase painful, necessary

        You shouldn’t be happy about the prospect of having to pay increased taxes.
        Perhaps the biggest misconception that can be dispelled about 27J’s mill levy increase request on this November’s ballot is the misguided belief that taking on an additional tax burden should be greeted with a smile and some biblical creed to “give with a cheerful heart.”
        Throw that out the window.
        These are hard times, and they aren’t getting better.