• Words worth listening to

        Jack Renkens was in the Denver area a few nights ago. The former high
        school coach, administrator and teacher is in his 15th year of crisscrossing the country educating parents and their high-school-aged youngsters about the college recruiting process.
        Along the way, he stopped to make a few points about fan behavior at high school sporting events. Because he sees his share of games, here are his thoughts on the subject.
        In his own words.

  • A plague upon your house

        A few weeks ago I doted on my oldest daughter starting kindergarten.
        I’m proud to say I held up pretty well. She loves school and it’s full speed ahead.
        We’ve transitioned right into the real reason we send our kids to school: to expose them to germs so virulent that they make CDC staffers consider careers in botany.

  • Cure for the summer time blues

        For us curmudgeons, the corner has finally turned, leaving us comfortably ensconced in the best part of the year. Still summer outside but all the kids are in school, the neighborhood streets are quiet, and weekdays are like those Twilight Zone episodes where the whole world is intact down to the minutest detail, yet there just doesn’t seem to be anyone around to enjoy it.
        Except me.

  • First Day All Over Again

        My oldest daughter starts kindergarten this week.
        It’s another first for a girl a who has given us nothing but firsts.
        First smile, first words, first steps, first bite.
        I, unlike my wife, did not dread this day when we would send her off to school. I greeted it as an opportunity, just like the first time she sat on the tricycle we got her for her third Christmas or watching her summit the top of a playground for the first time with no help.

  • It’s Time to Harvest (and share)!

  • The science of wine tasting . . . Huh?

    There is no way in the world that the authors of this particular press release weren’t intending to be serious about the subject.
        They were touting a new study that combines the tradition and science to test the quality of wine.
        There’s also no way to look at the information with a straight face and believe that someone could be paying for this.
        But that’s a digression.
        Big time.

  • What We Learn

        This morning, as I sat getting ready to write this article, I was listening to an oldies station. They began playing some John Lennon, and one of the lines in his song was “Love is Learned.”
        And I began to think about how absolutely correct he was.

  • Educational Red Herrings

        Lack of money is education’s red herring; an excuse, not a reason.


        Find yourself in need of a friend? Fort Lupton has just the place to discover your next long-term relationship, provided you don’t mind helping out an orphan or two.
        Cat or canine, chances are Every Creature Counts, 1245 Factory Circle in Fort Lupton, has the companion you seek. And no pet store prices, either, or puppy mill pooches pent up in tiny cages.

  • Trust but itemize

        With apologies to President Reagan: “Trust but itemize.”
        Try as you may, you won’t find any mention on our license tag registration of the $10 vehicle registration fee levied annually on vehicles registered in Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas counties. Voters in the three counties passed this fee in 1988 to get E-470 constructed and operating. The bonds it finances are scheduled to mature in 2018.