• When the score doesn't matter

        Took my oldest daughter to the Rockies game the other night.
        I’m used to kind of slumming it when we go see the Rockies, if there is such a thing anymore with the money that the average family shells out to go see a professional sporting event.
        That wasn’t the case for this game. We scored some pretty plush seats to take in the ballgame, thanks to a very generous benefactor.

  • Bout that time: hope the family is ready

    Dear Mom and Dad,

        Here’s hoping you’re ready for 10 days of an extra mouth in the house, an extra place setting at the table, an extra cup of coffee, some extra noise in the house, extra milk in the fridge and 10 days of whatever else may be in store.

  • Postscript for a powerhouse

        A sad milestone in aviation history this past week on the outskirts of Chicago.
        WWII veterans and historians alike lost a priceless artifact, with the forced landing and destruction by fire of the Liberty Foundation’s B-17 Flying Fortress Liberty Belle.
        A veritable flying museum the European air war, the Belle existed solely to educate generations of aviation enthusiasts on the pride and perils of air combat against the Axis powers on the Continent.

  • One month until Brighton Relay!

        One month from now, the Brighton Recreation Center will be home to quite a sight.
        You’ll hear cheers, you’ll see tears. People from all walks of life in our community will come together with one common goal: to end cancer.
        I started thinking the other day about all of the stories I’ve written on cancer survivors over the years. Some were very young, some very old, and some right in the middle around my own age. Some were couples, some siblings, some friends, some parents and children.

  • D.I.Y. Economic Recovery

        Everywhere you go these days, people are talking economic recovery and the relative slowness of it all. Aside from the simple fact that it takes longer to climb out of a hole than to fall in, several factors contribute to the problem.

  • Far from a clean sweep

        We must have a different idea than Adams County when it comes to the idea of “sweeping” reforms.
        When we hear sweeping, we think of cleaning or, more specifically, Merriam-Webster’s definition of clean as to “free from dirt or pollution.”

  • Keeping an eye on our tax dollars

        It’s time to revisit two major issues that have been tossed around in recent months, if not years – electing library board members and increasing the county commissioners to five seats.
        The earliest premises of the country’s doctrines focused on no taxation without representation. So how does the current practice of appointing library district board members allow our voice to be heard? Fact is it doesn’t.

  • No one wins in sheriff lawsuit

        The verdict in the Mark Nicastle-Doug Darr federal lawsuit is in and, for the record, Nicastle was determined to be victorious. But regardless of individual stands on the participants – no one wins; particularly the county’s taxpayers who will be required to foot the bill for the trial in U.S. District Court.

  • A proclamation for more understandable language

        It’s getting toward political season 2011, which brings with it the prospect of a certain kind of speech all to itself.
        It has to be better than what we hear these days.
    Imagine sitting at a baseball game for three hours and hearing the same word over and over again. You’d think the second person in the conversation lost his or her first name somewhere.
        Can you see it? The red-and-white name placards that say “Hello. My name is Dude?”

  • Where were you when…

    Emily Dougherty

        In my lifetime, there’s only been a few occasions where people have told me, you’re going to want to remember this when you’re older.
        Mostly this happens when I sit in an exit row on a plane or get carded at a bar.
        “Be glad you look so young! You’ll appreciate it when you’re older.”