• Two feet on the ground

        “Have a safe flight.” “Fly safe.” “Have a safe trip.”
        These are the only things you hear before you get on an airplane. That and some robotic female voice reminding “Carl Doyle, Mr. Carl Doyle to report to Gate 15A.”
        But those phrases, this assertion that I somehow control my own destiny when I climb into the stale, germ-infested air of an airplane cabin really bothers me. It underscores my whole issue with flying.

  • Shiver me timbers

        It’s been a long while since I’ve been on a school field trip – a very long while – and I figured my number was up for a little volunteer time (So long as it was fun, devoid of physical labor, and didn’t entail the zoo, or any form of monkey house).
        Accordingly, I jumped at the chance to accompany my daughter’s seventh-grade class to the Denver Museum of Natural History last week to visit the display of Real Pirates.

  • Legislators still have work to do

    By Mary Hodge

        The Colorado General Assembly has only two charges this year: pass a balanced budget and redistrict (the congressional districts have to be “evened-up” after every Census.) To date, we’ve done neither.

  • This too shall pac-ify

        Letting go.
    My wife and I have spent the past few weeks ridding my 2-year-old daughter of her pacifier.
        We knew it wouldn’t be easy. My daughter’s pacifier or “pappy” has become an endearing part of her early life, shoved into her mouth at any opportune moment where she was crying, it appeared she would cry or when we were just thinking about how terrible it is when she does cry.
        We giveth. We taketh away.

  • Looking back on the first half of the session

        With the first half of this year’s session under our belt, it’s time for us to take a look back to see the things and see what we have accomplished and take a look forward to what still needs to be done.
        In the past few months I have held several town halls all around my district and listened to your thoughts and concerns. At all of these town halls two common things have come up over and over: Jobs, and getting Colorado’s economy back on track.

  • There’s always something new

        I think I have a case of half ADHD. I’m not sure if I have AD or HD, but I’m pretty sure I have some combination of those letters.
        Each month, I spend half of my paycheck on half a dozen projects I’ve started that I’ve yet to get more than half-way done.

  • They didn’t teach this in J-school

        Writing a business story? Piece of cake.
         Sports? Bring it on. News? No problem.
        A eulogy?
    Should be easy, right?
        After all, to be asked means you knew the deceased better than most. You can (perhaps) separate yourself emotionally from family members who are trying to say goodbye in a very raw way.
    But it’s not easy.
    Not at all.


  • Mr Green Gene getting ready for spring

        Springtime is finally
    here, and if you haven’t yet, now is a great time to start getting the old homestead in shape for the warmer weather.
        First on the list should be a proper walk around of the yard, taking note of all the areas that need special attention. Gather all the sticks and fallen branches leftover from winter storms, and either bundle them for pickup, or, if you are in an area that allows burning, cut them into usable lengths for your fire pit.

  • Much still left to do

        As I sit in my living room chair in the midst of a stack of travel booksand maps of Che Guevara’s historic motorcycle journey through South America in the 1950s, I’m taking a moment to reflect, reorganize, reprioritize.
        It’s been just over a year since I created my list of the 40 things I want to do before I turn age 40.

  • Not another penny for RTD

        RTD is at it again. Throwing yet another bone to residents salivating at the prospect of attainable light rail, district officials made great fanfare of releasing their FasTracks North Metro Corridor Final Environmental Impact Statement. Coincidentally, this occurred just prior to considering the likelihood of passing a tax increase, and whether the public might support another shot to the wallet.