• Nothing grows on trees

        Inheriting the stories and euphemisms of your parents is a proud,  time-honored tradition.
        And, over time, these tales are altered and re-crafted to modernize them for the newest generation.

  • The duties of public service

    “A true congressman is a true servant. He ever gives, ever wants service. He is easily satisfied so long as his own comfort is concerned. He is always content to take a back seat. His country is his paramount consideration. He is brave to a fault because he has shed all earthly ambition and he is generous because he is brave, forgiving because he is humble and conscious of his own failings and limitations.”
    - Gandhi


  • We missed something at the CPAs

        DENVER – The state’s newspapers partied for three days over the weekend at the 2010 Colorado Press Association Newspaper Contest downtown and survived.
        We celebrated our collective accomplishments. Hopefully, we learned some things to make our print product and our online efforts better. (You’ll tell us about that, I have no doubt.)

  • Living your own reality show

        In the 2009 film, “Whip it,” Ellen Page’s character is a meek 17-year-old named Bliss who works as a waitress at a country diner. Her best friend drags her along to a roller derby bout in the city. Bliss is instantly enamored with the strength and attitude displayed by the roller derby girls and after the bout, she gathers up the courage to go talk to one of the team members. 
        “I just want to tell you all that you’re my new heroes,” Bliss shyly tells her.

  • What’s the beef, Taco Bell?

        Common wisdom says that you are what you eat.
        If so, the latest news from the fast food industry has thrown me into some sort of an identity crisis.
        It turns out Taco Bell beef might not actually be all cow, or maybe not even all meat. A class action lawsuit filed last week by the Montgomery, Ala., law firm of Beasley, Allen, Crow, Methvin, Portis & Miles claims the Taco Bell meat mixture contains some binders and fillers.

  • Only the good juice young

    The penultimate week of the 2010 NFL football season was tempered for me with immense grief.
        First, there was the news that MTV’s “Jersey Shore” brought in record ratings.
        This left open the possibility that more people may take in the childish, felonious antics of Snookie, grand poobah of the New Jersey Oompa Loopas, than Tuesday night’s rerun of President Obama’s 2010 State of the Union address.

  • Finding permanent resolutions

    Break any New Years resolutions yet?
        Chances are you did, and if so, you’re certainly not alone. Thirty percent of all resolutions fall within the first month, according to statistics. More than half die within six months, and of the remaining 50 percent, half of those are made by masochists that would have found some way or other to quit having fun, regardless of resolutions.    

  • Down with the dances

    We call our teenagers lazy. We call them uninspired. We call them unmotivated.
        And then they sneeze in our Taco Bell order when we are not looking.

  • The 10 commandments of holiday shopping

    Here’s a few rules to live by as we flood into shopping centers this holiday season.
        1. Thou shall have no other iPads before me: You’ve got the iPod, you’ve got the iPhone, enough! Some of us are still getting up to speed in the iWorld. So rid yourself of the need to get this quasi-computer this Christmas.

  • Great gifts out there for gardeners this holiday season

    Linda Young