• LETTER: Gift drive

      Highland Legends Apartment & Townhomes are excited to be, teaming up with the Suncor Boys and Girls Club this year in a Christmas Teen Gift Drive. Suncor Boys and Girls Club have been and continue to be instrumental in providing opportunities for teens to thrive. Despite lack of resources, their success can be judged from every smile that they are greeted with from these teens each day.

  • LETTER: New rule change could make homes more expensive

     Dear editor:

    Homes are expensive in Colorado, and affordability is a real concern. However, Adams County Commissioners don’t care. 

    They are proposing to make fire sprinklers mandatory in all new homes. This could easily add $10,000 or more to the cost of a new home. If your water is supplied by a well, installing a fire sprinkler gets more complicated and expensive.

  • LETTER: Martin deserves re-election

    Dear editor:

    I presently serve as one of three appointed members on our Adams County Elections Canvass Board. The Canvass Board reviews all post-election reports and is responsible for certifying the election. We’re granted full access to every aspect of the election and make recommendations on how to improve processes making our elections safer and more secure.

  • LETTER: Be sure to vote in the midterms

     Dear editor:

    In this time of a critical midterm elections, ask  yourself what do you really know about our 200-plus-year-old U.S. Constitution as written by our Founding Fathers in 1787 and the state of our nation today.

    As you reflect, ask yourself a second question. What your own assessment towards today’s U.S. congressional representatives’ and senators’ services as representatives of “We the People,” the opening words of America’s Constitution as written in 1787 by our Founding Fathers.

  • LETTER: All city parks need water

    Dear editor:

    I am a neighbor of Vernon Park. 

    Year after year I watch as the grass area there is allowed to turn brown due to lack of water. The drainage pocket park next to them is kept green and well-watered by the city.

    Do the disabled who live at Vernon deserve less than the drainage ditch for their landscaping upkeep? I think they have enough to cope with with their disabilities without having to live in a brown sea of grass surrounded on all sides by well-watered lawns.

    Can anything be done about this lack of care?

  • LETTER: A ‘no’ vote on Proposition 112

     Dear editor:

    Weld County is the largest oil and gas production geographical area in the state. The quality of life for thousands of employees would be destroyed. The impact is not just on the drilling rigs that you may see dotting the horizon. There are a myriad support services that are obvious and some that are not.  Truck drivers, oil field support workers after drilling like Haliburton,  pipe line workers, welders, mechanics,  the list is nearly endless, would all feel the impacts of this initiative if it passes.  

  • LETTER: National Land and Water Conservation fund in jeopardy

    Dear editor:

    If Congress doesn’t act to save it, we could lose one of the best federal programs keeping kids healthy – The Land and Water Conservation Fund.

    LWCF uses funds from offshore energy development, not taxes, to protect natural areas, cultural heritage and access to recreational opportunities.

  • LETTER: Fundraiser thanks community for support

     Dear editor:

    On Sunday, Aug. 5, car enthusiasts and community supporters flocked to Colorado National Speedway in Dacono for a unique fundraiser that benefited Make-A-Wish Colorado. 

  • LETTER: Thank you, community, for your support

    Dear editor,

         I would like to express my profound gratitude to the many members of this community who have offered their support during this difficult time since the passing of my beloved son, Mark Sandoval.

  • LETTER: Picture depicts Christ incorrectly

    Dear editor,

    I have comments regarding the editorial/opinion picture in the Wednesday, June 27, issue of the Brighton Standard Blade on Page 4.

    I am aware that the picture was not produced by the Blade but was allowed by the editor to be used in that issue.

    It seems to me that not much thought was given to or investigation given to the implication given on such a picture.

    It appears that the infant Christ child is identified as an immigrant, and I assume also illegal.