• LETTER: National Land and Water Conservation fund in jeopardy

    Dear editor:

    If Congress doesn’t act to save it, we could lose one of the best federal programs keeping kids healthy – The Land and Water Conservation Fund.

    LWCF uses funds from offshore energy development, not taxes, to protect natural areas, cultural heritage and access to recreational opportunities.

  • LETTER: Fundraiser thanks community for support

     Dear editor:

    On Sunday, Aug. 5, car enthusiasts and community supporters flocked to Colorado National Speedway in Dacono for a unique fundraiser that benefited Make-A-Wish Colorado. 

  • LETTER: Thank you, community, for your support

    Dear editor,

         I would like to express my profound gratitude to the many members of this community who have offered their support during this difficult time since the passing of my beloved son, Mark Sandoval.

  • LETTER: Picture depicts Christ incorrectly

    Dear editor,

    I have comments regarding the editorial/opinion picture in the Wednesday, June 27, issue of the Brighton Standard Blade on Page 4.

    I am aware that the picture was not produced by the Blade but was allowed by the editor to be used in that issue.

    It seems to me that not much thought was given to or investigation given to the implication given on such a picture.

    It appears that the infant Christ child is identified as an immigrant, and I assume also illegal.

  • LETTER: Get ready for the pie baking contest

    Dear editor,

    The Good Luck 4-H Club was busy Saturday, June 16, getting ready for the 2nd annual Adams County Fair Old Fashioned Pie Baking Contest.  The contest is for the best homemade fruit pie.  

    Last year’s contest was a big success and had 54 entries and included classics pies, like apple and cherry, but also included not-so-common recipes, such as coconut and mango.  The contest raised more than $3,000 for the Brighton Rotary Club. 

  • LETTER: Oil/gas initiative is bad idea

    Dear editor,

    Initiative 97 is a train-wreck for Colorado’s economy.

    Initiative 97 would mandate oil and gas development be set back at least 2,500 feet (8 football fields) from any occupied structure or defined vulnerable area. 

    This would increase the minimum setback distance for a residence five times what is legally required now and the setback for a

    high-occupancy building 2.5 times to what it is now.  

  • LETTER: Vietnam veterans memorial is worth a visit

    Dear editor

    On Memorial Day, May 28, our family all attended the dedication of the Brighton Vietnam Veterans Memorial, which is on the corner of Fourth  and Jessup in Brighton.  It was a memorable day for us all.

  • LETTER: Paying kindness forward: a little goes a long way

    Dear editor, 

    I was at the Wal-Mart store in Brighton on Wednesday May 2, between 3:30 and 4:30 p.m.

    Normally, my shopping experience there is in the grocery department. On this day I was shopping for more. I had not yet become acquainted with the remodel store layout. There were some items I was looking for. This meant quite a bit of walking. 

  • LETTER: Residents oppose new Brighton senior housing project

    Dear editor,

    Over the past several months I have been watching for any updates regarding the Brighton Housing Authority and the project that should begin soon at the old Senior Center on Sixth Avenue and Bush Street in Brighton. 

  • LETTER: Amendment to farm bill threatens animal welfare

     Dear editor

    Right now, Congress is considering a dangerous federal bill that could  completely take away the rights of states to pass laws to protect animals and citizens. This bill violates the 10th Amendment.