• LETTER: Former 27J student stands with teachers


    I am the product of the public school system and Brighton School District 27J. 

    I was well-prepared for college, and I succeeded there. I’m sure I wasn’t an easy kid to teach, but I count several amazing teachers as friends and mentors today. 

    I have a child, a wonderful, talented, challenged, sweet boy, attending a local school. 

  • LETTER: Tax cuts help my business to survive

    Dear editor,

    Tax cuts are helping some businesses expand. They’re helping mine survive. 

    The recently passed federal tax cuts include much for businesses to like. A new 20 percent tax deduction, immediate expensing of capital investment, and lower across-the-board tax rates give some businesses the extra funds they need to expand, hire, and raise wages. 

  • Grant Fair family thank you

    Dear editor,

    The family of Grant Fair thanks you for the article about our beautiful son Grant. The support of the community has been so generous and kind. We have been blessed with so many prayers, cards, meals and visitations.

    Grant was a giving person;  he donated his corneas, bone and other tissues, according to his wishes, so that others might have eyesight and healing of their illnesses. 

  • LETTER: Gonzales family says thanks

     Dear editor:

    The family of Conrad Gonzales in Brighton wishes to extend a heartfelt thank you to all of our family and friends. The outpouring of generosity from the community, from family, from friends and all who traveled from afar to come to share in our loss can never truly be expressed enough.  

  • LETTER: BrightonMusic plans Homespun Concert Feb. 21

    Dear editor:

    The BrightonMusic Orchestra will present its annual free Homespun Concert at 4 p.m. Sunday at the First Presbyterian Church, 510 South 27thAvenue, Brighton.  The Homespun Concert is a celebration of local creativity, with the entire program made up of original compositions and arrangements by local composers.

  • LETTER: Individuals who are struggling with their symptoms deserve compassion, encouragement and support.

    Dear Editor,

    Community Reach Center is proud to serve as a community resource for information regarding mental illness and treatment. It is from that vantage point that we submit this letter. It relates to the notion of a link between acts of violence and mental illness.

  • Conservation, crop insurance and tax dollars

    The federal crop insurance program provides an agricultural safety net, and crop insurance premium subsidies were created to increase usage of these risk management tools. The federal government subsidizes, on average, 62 percent of crop insurance premiums annually.

  • LETTER: New urban renewal law brings more interaction between taxing entities

    From the press office of Sen. Rollie Heath (D-Boulder)

    Urban renewal projects clearly bring new life to blighted communities, yet the most equitable funding structures for the projects are not always as clear. (On May 29), Gov. John Hickenlooper signed into law (House Bill 15-1348) designed to bring more interaction between taxing entities to the process.

  • LETTER: GMO labeling no good for Coloradans, Americans


    Coloradans made the right choice when they rejected mandatory GMO labeling last November. 

    Nevertheless, a stubborn fringe continues pursuing labeling mandates in several states and at the federal level — even though scientific studies repeatedly conclude GMOs are safe to eat. 

  • Letter: Make sure tax dollars are helping our kids

    While I am retired from School District 27J, I continue to advocate for quality education for all children. In a recent conversation with another resident, I was told that an administrator was instrumental in securing a $6,000 raise for a secretary who worked in the district’s central office. The raise increases over a three-year period.