• LETTER: Still no vote, yet more taxes


    In a few short days, 27,500 property owners in unincorporated Adams County will be getting hit with round two of the controversial storm water tax.  A burdensome tax we were denied the opportunity to vote on. 

    Only this time, it will bill separate from our property taxes, so be prepared to write Uncle Sam Adams yet another check from your hard-earned savings or Social Security income.

  • LETTER: Disillusioned, disgusted by stormwater handling


    At the first meeting of the Adams County stormwater task force held May 22, we heard from Commissioner Chaz Tedesco, where he told us that the commissioners wanted to get our input to better fund the stormwater issue and would seriously consider our recommendations.

  • LETTER: Veteran benefits, resources remain critical

        As the honorable and memorable Veterans Day fades away and comes to a close, we continue to reflect on the jobs that current and past soldiers have provided. It is extraordinary what is asked of a solider. A solider pinned in a foxhole for hours, if not days, while having shots flying over his head, waiting for relief to come, requires a brave and elite individual. Their service and sacrifice should be rewarded and highly respected.

  • More teachers should explore PACE

        As a local educator, I am especially excited for the fall and the hope and promise of a new school year. I love settling back into the classroom, getting to know all my new students, and the fresh opportunity to impact the lives of kids.
          While teaching is my passion, I couldn’t face these daily challenges without the support of my colleagues, administrators and my teachers’ organization — the Professional Association of Colorado Educators (PACE).

  • In defense of Al Jacobson

        I have been a subscriber to the paper for a long time. I enjoy the columns by Al Jacobson, though I may not agree with all he writes.
        It is great for a newspaper to try and show different sides to issues facing us today.
        I have become somewhat disappointed with some of the recent letters asking to have Al removed because they do not agree with him. This is a major 

  • Respect the right to express points of view

        In a recent paper, you printed a letter from Ms. Phillips of Brighton in regards to the columns written by Al Jacobson.
        I want to first thank you for printing all articles that provide viewpoints that are liberal, conservative and sometimes somewhere in between. It is our duty and privilege as informed and, hopefully, intelligent readers to read and discern the content of those articles.
        Reading is the same as viewing art. The individual perception is often very different.

  • Jacobson’s name-calling distracts from real issues

        This letter is to present the following question. Why do you continue to print articles by Al Jacobson, who is so full of dislike, or even disgust, or a stronger word hate, that he cannot keep from calling anyone who does not think as he does a leftist/liberal?

  • Jacobson’s logic faulty in looking at crime

        Whiskey and water makes you drunk. Scotch and water makes you drunk. Vodka and water makes you drunk. The obvious conclusion? Water makes you drunk!

  • Eliminate the stormwater utility fee

        I am writing to complain about this typical governmental boondoggle run amuk. Whenever you hire a governmental employee to solve a so-called problem, disaster is bound to happen.
        On our property tax bill, we already have costs we have to pay:
        • Urban Drainage and Flood Control: This should cover stormwater.
        • Urban Drainage South Platte: This should cover stormwater.

  • Jacobson’s take on guns, Democrats ludicrous

        Enough with Al Jacobson! He should add the word “rabid” to his description of himself as a conservative Republican.
        His comment about various cities having high rates of violent crime because their mayors are Democrats is ridiculous. If those mayors were Republican or independents, the same people would commit the same crimes anyway because that’s just what they do. What planet is this guy from?