• In defense of Al Jacobson

        I have been a subscriber to the paper for a long time. I enjoy the columns by Al Jacobson, though I may not agree with all he writes.
        It is great for a newspaper to try and show different sides to issues facing us today.
        I have become somewhat disappointed with some of the recent letters asking to have Al removed because they do not agree with him. This is a major 

  • Respect the right to express points of view

        In a recent paper, you printed a letter from Ms. Phillips of Brighton in regards to the columns written by Al Jacobson.
        I want to first thank you for printing all articles that provide viewpoints that are liberal, conservative and sometimes somewhere in between. It is our duty and privilege as informed and, hopefully, intelligent readers to read and discern the content of those articles.
        Reading is the same as viewing art. The individual perception is often very different.

  • Jacobson’s name-calling distracts from real issues

        This letter is to present the following question. Why do you continue to print articles by Al Jacobson, who is so full of dislike, or even disgust, or a stronger word hate, that he cannot keep from calling anyone who does not think as he does a leftist/liberal?

  • Jacobson’s logic faulty in looking at crime

        Whiskey and water makes you drunk. Scotch and water makes you drunk. Vodka and water makes you drunk. The obvious conclusion? Water makes you drunk!

  • Eliminate the stormwater utility fee

        I am writing to complain about this typical governmental boondoggle run amuk. Whenever you hire a governmental employee to solve a so-called problem, disaster is bound to happen.
        On our property tax bill, we already have costs we have to pay:
        • Urban Drainage and Flood Control: This should cover stormwater.
        • Urban Drainage South Platte: This should cover stormwater.

  • Jacobson’s take on guns, Democrats ludicrous

        Enough with Al Jacobson! He should add the word “rabid” to his description of himself as a conservative Republican.
        His comment about various cities having high rates of violent crime because their mayors are Democrats is ridiculous. If those mayors were Republican or independents, the same people would commit the same crimes anyway because that’s just what they do. What planet is this guy from?

  • No transparency for stormwater group

        On Monday, April 30, a group of hard-working citizens converged on the county building for public comment regarding stormwater pollution. They were brought together by a shady organization called Stop Stormwater Utility Association (SSUA).
        This organization does not appear on the Secretary of State’s web site, although they are raising money and engaging in political activity.

  • Stormwater issue isn’t about the environment; it’s about what’s right

        In response to Mr. Dan Stapleton’s letter, all of us that are opposing this “tax-fee” that has been placed on our properties in unincorporated Adams County are with you.
        We all want clean water to drink, we all want healthy wildlife and healthy streams and rivers. The problem is the fact that we the people were never given the chance to vote or even have a say in this new stormwater utilties “tax-fee.”

  • Help protect our Adams County water and keep it clean

        Healthy water equals healthy people. We can’t take clean water for granted, especially since stormwater poses a threat. When a car is washed in a driveway, the soap, dirt and oil end up in the nearest creek where kids hang out or pets take a drink.

  • Too much from the left on the opinion pages

        Your newspaper carries, on a regular basis, the opinions written by Donald Kaul of Ann Arbor, Mich.
        It is not clear why you would regularly feature a columnist who may represent your views, but not the views of the majority of your readers. He continually attacks anyone who does not hold his far-left, liberal views.