• Petrocco for 27J board

        Compassion, integrity, dedication, honesty and commitment are but a few of the personal qualities Donna O’Dell Petrocco would bring to the 27J board of education as a director.
        A lifelong resident of Brighton, Ms. Petrocco is a shining example of what a graduate of Brighton’s schools can achieve in life. She is committed to bringing quality education to our schools and ultimately ensuring our children are prepared to meet the challenges of the future.

  • Board thanks community for supplies

        On behalf of School District 27J, I would like to thank the many community members who donated to various school supply drives throughout the area. The school supplies are now being used by students throughout the school district.

  • Petrocco is the choice for school board

        In this letter I would like to extend my support for Donna Petrocco in her run for the board of education. As a previous member of the board, I know what is needed and expected from an individual, and she is the person I choose to represent my child.
        She is a visionary, visible in the community and reliable. She will contribute fairly and honestly and will continue these behaviors as a member of the board of education.

  • Cat deserved better

        To the person who dumped the little, black cat in Country Hills (subdivision) you signed his death sentence.
        Several of us fed him, and I tried to capture him so that I could find a home for him. But he only wanted to go back and would come to people’s doors and cry and cry. 
        Well, he was run over on 144th Avenue. 

  • Say no to 27J mill levy increase

        Here we go again for another blank check in the form of 6.3 mills out of the taxpayers’ wallet. This is on top of the existing 45.7 mills with no accountability whatsoever for the school board to spend on whatever they feel like within the general budget.

  • Help us educate our children

        In this election cycle, I am sure that there are those who will pen letters about the Parents for 27J ballot initiative, trying to over simplify the issue in terms of compensation for individuals, or wrap the interest of students in employment agreements for groups of employees. They may even reach the point of comparisons of the Parents for 27J ballot initiative with their disdain for events happening on a federal level.  Given this, I want to provide a research-based letter to the editor in order to bring facts into consideration.

  • Colorado Safety Net Clinic Week

    Dear Editor,
        In an effort to raise awareness of Colorado’s health care safety net providers, Community Health Services, in partnership with ClinicNET and the Colorado Rural Health Center, is recognizing Aug. 22-26 as the second annual Colorado Safety Net Clinic Week. Colorado’s Community-Funded Safety Net Clinics and federally certified Rural Health Clinics include 85 clinics located in 33 counties throughout Colorado.

  • Thanks, United Power

        Thanks, United Power, for managing power outages Monday and Tuesday night (July 18 and 19) in the Brighton area in a super-efficient manner.
        The personnel who were out in the field and their back-ups manning the phones were great.
        Not only did United Power accept our calls to report an outage, they kept us informed of the progress made in restoring power and finally a phone call to check that our power had been restored to our residence or businesses.

  • Book sale goal achieved and then some

         On behalf of Kidz Quiltz, I would like to thank everyone who helped us exceed our goal at the recent book sale at our workshop in Fort Lupton. 

  • Government is going bankrupt

        I am writing this letter to bring a serious issue to light. While local and state elected official go about their status quo of spending and complaining they don’t have enough money, they appear to have no clue or care about the national financial tsunami coming their way. What am I talking about?
        I am talking about the federal government going bankrupt.