Today's Opinions

  • LETTER: Tax cuts help my business to survive

    Dear editor,

    Tax cuts are helping some businesses expand. They’re helping mine survive. 

    The recently passed federal tax cuts include much for businesses to like. A new 20 percent tax deduction, immediate expensing of capital investment, and lower across-the-board tax rates give some businesses the extra funds they need to expand, hire, and raise wages. 

  • LETTER: Transforming area’s transportation network

     Dear editor,


    From my vantage point at the center of Commerce City, where I grew up, the changes I’ve experienced in the northeastern edge of the Denver Metro region that are related to transit have been staggering as they’ve unfolded over the years. 

  • COLUMN: If Idaho ditches the ACA, other states may follow

    Dear editor,

    What happens in Idaho in the coming weeks undoubtedly will not stay in Idaho. 

    What happens there could make a big difference in how much you pay for your health insurance – or whether you can even get insurance. 

  • OPINION – PVHS grad: College may not be for everyone

     Dear editor,

    College is not always the right next step. That’s not something you probably hear often, and when you do, you might think, “it is if I want to make a living and become somebody!” 

  • OPINION: Ask a therapist: In the wake of violence

    Letter to editor:


    I share the feelings of our country, which is deeply saddened by the recent shooting deaths of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students and faculty in South Florida.

  • Moreno: What did I get myself into?

    By Dominick Moreno

    It’s pretty incredible to think that just seven years ago I was serving as a legislative aide to State Representative Crisanta Duran, who is now the Speaker of the House. Fast forward to today and I'm now a few weeks into my new role as your State Senator representing you at the Colorado State Capitol in Denver.

  • Grant Fair family thank you

    Dear editor,

    The family of Grant Fair thanks you for the article about our beautiful son Grant. The support of the community has been so generous and kind. We have been blessed with so many prayers, cards, meals and visitations.

    Grant was a giving person;  he donated his corneas, bone and other tissues, according to his wishes, so that others might have eyesight and healing of their illnesses. 

  • COLUMN: Low-income residents deserve RTD passes

    Paul Solano

    I’m Director Paul Solano, an elected official, representing District K on the Regional Transportation District’s board of directors. 

    RTD has initiated and supported many successful programs, improvements and expansions over the last three years. Now, the metro area is ready to build a low-income pass plan.