• Preparing for spring boat fishing

    Ice out is here for the eastern plains lakes and reservoirs and only weeks away for the high country waters.

        Serious warm water anglers monitor weather and water temperatures that predict spring spawning season. For those who chase the cold-water trout and deep lake mackinaw, it is more a matter of open water than water temperatures. The waiting period is an excellent time to assure their boat is ready and to refresh boating safety concerns.

  • Bill would enhance outdoor opportunities for kids

    Political coverage of late is extremely argumentative, partisan and trying to most. But there is a local political issue you can understand and can weight in on. Colorado House Bill 1131, known as the “Colorado Kids Outdoors Bill” would promote, support and fund a wide range of environmental education, recreation, wildlife, hunting and fishing programs for our youth. The bill will encourage kids to better understand the outdoors and wildlife opportunities.

  • United Power donates $1,000 to Colorado State Parks

        BRIGHTON — United Power recently donated $1,000 to Colorado State Parks on behalf of members who enrolled in the cooperative’s new paperless billing option.

        The co-op pledged one dollar on behalf of each member who enrolled in the new paperless option when it launched late in 2009. Funds will be used for services in the three parks located within United Power’s service territory: Barr Lake, St. Vrain and Golden Gate Canyon State Parks.

  • The circuitous route of the Canada Goose

    Whether sportsmen are simply drawn to the daily flights of the local Canada geese, they attract our attention and have become winter residents in our local neighborhoods.     

    The geese can be an irritation to golfers and park managers. Conversely, they offer an up close and personal nature experience for kids and those who enjoy observing wildlife.

  • Nebraska has more than a good football team

    When the word and photographs reach the Midwest whitetail deer hunting fraternity about the huge buck taken in neighboring southeast Nebraska, hunters will be abuzz.

        Wes O’Brien found our neighbor state to the east has some proud assets beyond the Husker football team. O’Brien ventured from his home in Lexington, Texas to hunt the excellent whitetail habitat in the southeastern corner of the state. At his youthful age of 24, he left little to look forward to in future year hunts when he rifle harvested a massive 38-point non-typical whitetail buck.

  • Various hunting seasons well under way

    Goose hunting season opened Nov. 21 (to Feb. 15); pheasant season Nov. 14 (to Jan. 31) and final split duck season Nov. 7 (to Jan. 24).  Many hunters are busy making those early trips to the fields, ponds and rivers.

        In the meantime a host of outdoors news and activities is circulating we will share in this column.

  • Conditions aligning for pheasant, duck seasons

    The water fowler and the pheasant-hunting crowd have promising hunting days ahead. The USFWS, Ducks Unlimited and Division of Wildlife agree on the optimism for more migrating ducks and see the state’s spring pheasant hatch and numbers on the rise as well.

  • Hunting season kicks off

    The morning air is noticeably crisper. Temperatures are dropping slightly, water is cooling, fish are more active and game bird migrations are in process. It is fall and a whole new agenda of outdoors opportunities are unfolding.

    As a springboard, the Colorado Division of Wildlife is celebrating the National Hunting and Fishing Day, Sept. 28, with a variety of educational seminars and displays at their agency headquarters, 6060 N. Broadway, just west off I-25 and 58th Avenue

  • Duck season looks prime for waterfowl hunters

    I am not sure how I feel about this global warming/climate change issue. It seems logical to me over the centuries there would be cyclical changes in temperatures and climates. I am convinced those cycles occur, but I can also appreciate what man’s activities here on earth in our life times can influence temperatures and the environment.

  • Kids' neighborhood fishing waters

    There are 75 public access fishing ponds in the immediate surrounding Denver Metro area of Adams, Jefferson, Douglas and Arapahoe counties.

        Some waters are owned and managed by the counties, others by special recreation districts, a few by the state Division of Wildlife, but most by the various suburban communities. Of those 75, 24 are located in our neighborhoods, in or adjacent to Brighton, Commerce City, Northglenn, Thornton or Westminster, which are in either Adams or Jefferson counties.